10 Signs That Your Pregnancy Is Almost Over

Since this is my third child, I feel that I’m somewhat of an expert on determining when a pregnancy is almost over:

  1. Your shirts no longer cover your belly
  2. Your pants and underwear no longer fit
  3. Your husband starts to help out around the house (well… sort of)
  4. You feed your family dinner from a heat and serve can – every night
  5. You can no longer reach the keyboard on your laptop (meaning you have to tap out blog posts on your iPhone, iPod or Blackberry)
  6. Your dog/cat suddenly gets very protective of you (and very cuddly which you find incredibly annoying)
  7. You can no longer reach around your belly to wipe when going to the bathroom
  8. Cleaning the house means grabbing an industrial broom and sweeping all of your older children’s toys into a pile in the corner
  9. Your super long toenails that you haven’t been able to reach for 3 months begin to put holes in your socks
  10. Everyone in your family has to sleep without a pillow because your using them all

Are there any other signs I missed?