4 Tips for Lowering Your Breast Cancer Risk

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! Which means the Boobiethon is here again!!  As you know, I support the Boobiethon every year with both a donation, and a picture.. So wanna see some boobies and support breast cancer?  Then visit the Boobiethon website, make a pledge and gawk at the pictures of the beautiful boobies that you’re helping to save :)

Don’t want to look at boobies?  Then here are four lifestyle changes you can make to lower your breast cancer risk:

  1. Stay physically active: Regular moderate- to intense exercise, such as walking, for at least 3 hours a week has been linked to a significantly lower risk of breast cancer.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight: A new study shows combining weight loss and regular exercise will drive down hormones that raise risk. Even a 5% weight loss helps.
  3. Reduce estrogen exposure: Avoid long-term use of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy, particularly any combination of estrogen plus-progestin forms. If you do need hormones to help relieve menopausal symptoms, review your options with your provider.
  4. Avoid or limit alcohol: A 20-year U.S. study of more than 100,000 women found that even light drinking (3 to 6 drinks a week — beer, wine, spirits) increased risk slightly. Research is continuing to further clarify the relationship between alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk.

Also, talk to your provider about breast cancer screening. This will include learning about other lifestyle factors you may need to change, as well as professional breast exams and mammograms. Remember, early detection of tumours can save lives.

Have you or has anyone in your family had breast cancer?