A Follow Up on Why I Hate Hockey

Yesterday I posted a rant about hating hockey – I thought I had made myself clear, but apparently I didn’t because I was asked a few times about it. I didn’t mean ALL hockey – hey now, I AM CANADIAN afterall. I just hate TELEVISED hockey. I love GOING to real games. (Though it’s been a few years since I’ve gone to a game). My daughters (6, 4, and 1) don’t watch hockey (or very much TV for that matter). They are busy, busy little ladies. Playing together, getting into things, and constantly changing their clothes and making a big mess. Even the baby has learned to take off her pants, socks and diaper and leave them all over the place. Looking after them after a long day at work is tiring. I leave work at 5 pm. I then make my first after-work pick up at the daycare centre at 5:30. Then I wrestle the cats into the van, and drive to the after-school babysitter to pick up my oldest. We usually get home at 6pm. I then herd them into the house, help them take off their shoes, put away their jackets, and backpacks, nurse the toddler, then cook dinner *(or heat and serve something I made the night before after the kids went to bed). Dinner is cooked, eaten and finished by 6:45. I then play with the girls play referee until 7:30 or 8 pm when hubby gets home.


So what does busy kids have to do with hockey?
When hubby gets home he hugs us all says “Hi”, turns up his nose at the yummy HEALTHY dinner I created, makes himself a sandwich (or worse, brings home his own fast food to eat) and then proceeds to hide in the basement watching hockey until it’s time to put the kids to bed, which incidentally always coincides with 2nd intermission.

Here’s my BEEF:
Yo! I’m freaking exhausted! Why does HE get to hide? Why is – “it’s the playoffs honey” a valid excuse? Why can’t *I* come home to a cooked dinner, change into some comfy clothes, then go hide in the basement by myself? Why is the kitchen clean up, supervising the kids as they ride their bikes up and down the street, taking them to the park and around the block, and cleaning up after them ALL MY JOB?

Ladies – am I the only hockey playoff widow out there? I’m super duper tired. I can’t focus at work. My brain is MUSH! Why can’t I relax for an evening each week. One evening. That’s all I ask. What TV show can I insist on watching ALL. BY. MYSELF. every week? It’s been so long since I’ve had quiet ME time that I don’t even know what else there is on TV, yanno, besides hockey.

So this is why I hate TELEVISED hockey. It steals my spouse. I can handle one night a week, but not every single night for months on end. My kids are far too busy for me to be short staffed in the parent department. Hockey – get off my TV. Thanks.

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  1. Is there somewhere I can post this just so I know your hubby will read this? His email or something? Sorry Sweetie! You deserve to get a little “ME” time every once in a while.

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