A Gentle Reminder

Fellow Canadians – today is our day to be heard. The day when we get to choose a new person to f-up our country. So get out there and vote! And if you’re still undecided, here are how the party leaders stand on three of the big issues:

Healthcare Funding:

Paul Martin – Attach conditions to funding to ensure any future investment goes only to the public health-care system.

Jack Layton – Demand greater accountability from provinces and withhold federal health transfers to provinces that don’t comply with the Canada Health Act.

Stephen Harper – Provide stable and transparent federal funding that grows when needed, but allows a balance of public and private delivery options.

Child Care:

Paul Martin – Spend $5 billion over five years in the budget for a national early learning and child-care program.

Jack Layton – Direct national child-care money to non-profit daycares, with mandated limits on the number of children in care.

Stephen Harper – Support the rights of parents to raise children according to their own conscience and beliefs by giving child-care money directly to families to use as they choose.


Paul Martin – Cut corporate tax rates and low and middle-income tax rates, and eliminate corporate tax surcharge.

Jack Layton – Increase the child tax benefit, close tax loopholes for large businesses and take the GST off family “essentials” such as children’s clothing, books and medicine.

Stephen Harper – Reduce the GST to five per cent and cut taxes across the board, including income, payroll, business and capital gains taxes.

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  1. Jack Layton is a scum bag. When he was a member of the Toronto Council, he was living in Public Housing even though he & his wife were making big bucks & they could have bought their own house instead of taking up an affordable housing unit that should

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