A Mother’s Rant

!@(smile.jpg popimg: “Smiley Girl”)Picture Of The Day: Sierra laughing at her Daddy

Although Sierra is still sick, I just HAD to get out of the house – I was going stir crazy ’cause other than my interview last week Thursday, and Sierra’s immunizations on Wednesday, I hadn’t !@(larger_magictrainer.jpg popimg: “Magic Trainer Sippy Cup”)been out for almost a week. So I packed her up and took her to the mall where we spent 3 glorious hours shopping! Yay! Shopping! Unfortunately I haven’t done my Christmas shopping list yet, so I didn’t buy anything – well except for a sippy cup … I’m hoping to teach Sierra how to use one ’cause it’s starting to drive me insane that I can’t go anywhere without her. I’m dying to go out for a run on Sunday mornings with my club, but if she’s refusing a bottle, how can I do that? Yes – my loss of freedom is starting to get to me – I’m beginning to feel isolated, a prisoner of my own home. – even downright lonely. Sure I see my parents and my hubby, but even then we stay at home – I need to feel like a real person again! A fully functioning member of society! When I do say f-it and take her out, Sierra repays me by being incredibly fussy and tired all evening – going to bed early and then getting up early the next morning! Arrgh! I can’t win!

Anyways – does anyone have any experience in teaching a baby to take a sippy cup? A bottle? Or even baby cereal for that matter? Daddy is more than willing to give me Sunday mornings off, just so long as he has a means of feeding her. Sierra isn’t too fond of her cereal – spits it out, razzes on the spoon splattering cereal all over me, or even worse – wailing – crying like I’m trying to torture her by offering it to her – I’ve tried 2 differnet kinds. And the bottle didn’t go over so well on Thursday either – she likes to play with it, but all hell breaks loose when *SURPRISE* milk comes out of it, even though she’s hungry! I want to go out without constantly worrying if she’s crying because she’s hungry and I’m not there to feed her. I want to feel confident that my hubby can feed her. Sigh… what’s a mother to do?

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  1. Becca never took a bottle either. And was slow to catch on to the cereal idea. The best thing we did was try a sippy cup. It has to be designed for success. The one you have pictured would be difficult to suck since sucking a sippy cup is way different than a breast. Try removing the valve from the sippy cup (it will leak then however Sierra will understand more what it is suppose to do) There are “disposable” sippy cups made by First Years that are awesome! Becca finally “got it” when we tried those and we did not dispose them for months! They are designed without a valve however do not leak unless shken upside down. Plus there is a small one that is perfect for tiny hands!!

    As for cereal. My little gal LOVED to breastfeed. The only way we could get her to eat cereal was to give it to her first thing in the morning, rather than breastfeed first. This way she was uber hungry and willing. Plus her Dad gave it to her rather than milky smelling Mommy. If that is not possible, still try to give the cereal first, even if she takes a little, she will get used to it then just get topped up with breastmilk.

    phew, ok I have a lot to say 😛

    Hope it helps!

  2. You and Beth seriously need to talk. We’re having the same bottle-rejection issue and she got a recommendation just yesterday about the right cup to buy!

  3. Marie, I had the same problem getting my kidlet to take a bottle. But what worked for me were the Playtex Orthodontic nipples. The actual nipple part is flatter and just felt more comfortable in Jake’s mouth. Give them a try! As for cereal, try mixing your breast milk into it. Babies have amazing sense of smell and Sierra might be more willing to take cereal that smells like mommy. :)

  4. i also use the playtex orthodontic nipples.
    isabella definitely prefers them. they are shaped more like her pacifier, so i think that made the transition easier for her.

  5. I started Konnor with Gerber sippy cups but didn’t like them. Once he got teeth – the plastic scraped up to easy. I also love the flow of the First Years cups – but wish they had handles. Might be a little hard for Sierra to grip. But you could have another cup for her to practice the gripping with and use the First Years cup for the serious feeding – like when Daddy feeds her when you are out. If you’ve got lots of milk to spare – you could even try taking the lid off and jsut feeding from an actual cup. Or even try using the medicine syringe. I do this with Konnor just for fun – so that he would take medicine down the road – then it would be more of a game for him. That “rotation” theory applies to everything. 😀
    As far as cereal goes, from what I went through, Konnor wasn’t serious about food for extra calories until just after 6 months – when he started to crawl and get more active.
    Until then it was all fun and games.
    Good luck.

  6. The avent sippy you have pictured was what we used for Kaitlyn….Let’s take a hypothetical situation….you nurse Sierra and go to the gym for a few hours, if she were to get hungry Rob could offer her a bottle (or cereal, or a sippy) if she took it great (sometimes the non-booby person is better as they don’t smell the milk) or if not she wouldn’t starve that hour or two. Steve floundered with Kaitlyn the first few times before they figured out how to deal with eachother when mommy was gone. It might work? My 2cents anyways!

  7. Sounds a lot like Rose & I. I had my husband pick up a sippy cup at Walmart, in the hopes she’ll take to that – seeing as she doesn’t take a bottle anymore either. No luck yet on the cup’s first try – though I hate to put a bunch of pumped milk in there if she’s not going to drink it. I think it might be easier after 6 months when I can put watered down juice in there – though who knows if she’ll like that.

    I heard that it takes 10+ tries before babies take to a new food. Also read to try feeding it to her on your finger, so she’ll get a taste for it.

    Good luck.

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