Mom On the Run – speeding through life with three little girls in tow…

This blog is about me – Janice, a wife, mother, employee, runner, softball player, internet addict and a completely obsessed New Kids On The Block fan. My blog title is about my running, as at the time this blog began back in 2004 I was a running mother-to-be, training for a 1/2 marathon. Part way through the pregnancy running became too uncomfortable for me leading me to slowly back off on my running. Now a days “Mom On The Run” is a reflection of how busy life has become caring for THREE completely adorable, yet “spirited” little girls while my hubby travels A LOT for business, though I still manage to run on occasion.

I’ve been happily married for almost 5 yrs to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met (though I must admit Jonathan Knight comes a close second – and yes I have met him too). Rob and I met during my “Frosh Week” at University – he was an older student, a “peer advisor”. I noted how adorable he was, and I instantly remembered his warm open smile and the twinkle in his eyes when our paths crossed again at the opening of “Interview With The Vampire” movie later that semester (Anne Rice is my favourite writer). Our paths crossed again a few nights later at a pub. My room mate saw the connection between us and invited him back to our place after last call – it was then that we exchanged phone numbers. I called him first, as I didn’t want him to be the one that “got away”. He still melts my heart when he flashes me that grin and understands me in a way no once else ever could.

We have THREE adorable daughters. Our 5 yr old, Sierra, is a feisty little girl with spunk to spare. She was in a rush to join us in this world, born a month early with a quick 5 hour labour with a dramatic delivery. She’s been strong and ready to go ever since. Our 3 yr old Brooke is very, very busy, she’s on the go from sun up to sundown, yet has a nice even temper. Our midwife present at Brooke’s quick delivery said her birth was the calmest birth she’s ever attended. And our youngest daughter is Amber, who was the speediest delivery of them all: 67 min of labour! She’s still an infant, so all she does is eat, sleep and poo so far. The dramatic personality differences between my girls is a great indicator of how unique and wonderful each one of them are.

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