Adventures In Nutrition

As you’re all well aware, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and to influence my family into making healthier food choices.  It hasn’t been an easy road because my husband just doesn’t naturally gravitate towards fruit, veggies, dairy etc… The more processed it is, the more likely he’ll crave it, buy it and bring it into our house to tempt me.  Burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza… He doesn’t go out of his way to sabotage my efforts, in fact he’s being as supportive as he can given my lack of cooking skills.  He’s put on a brave face and tried everything – though I have caught him making a burger at 9 pm to fill himself up.
I have tried lots of things these past six weeks – some things were a big hit (ie: green beans sauteed in bacon fat) and some things were a big miss (ie: Tofu and veggie stirfry in a peanut sauce..).  This has lead to my new nick name:  “Captain Janice, guardian of good eating” and all of my cooking efforts have been nick named: “Adventures in nutirition”… (This may sound familiar to you because of the Playhouse Disney mini-show Captain Carlos).
My adventures have been fun and frustrating.  I’ve been trying some exotic meals but have found that all in all my kids actually like nutritious food and will eat it if presented as an option.  Sometimes they have even chosen it over junk!  When I really started paying attention I realized that they do eat pretty healthy – as long as it’s fruit or dairy abnd they prefer raw stuff over cooked veggies, so maybe I should just stop trying so hard?

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4 thoughts on “Adventures In Nutrition

  1. When my daughter was younger every meal time consisted of meat, veggie and fruit. Sometimes we’d have a dessert but even then she wasn’t allowed to have it unless she’d already eaten her meat, veggie and fruit. This became ingrained, and I think she only ate the stuff half the time was so she would be able to have a dessert or a treat later, however, it still worked in order to get her to eat all that.

    Oh, and BTW, she still doesn’t really like vegetables unless they’re raw. At this age you can’t bribe them to eat vegetables.
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