Ain’t She Cute?

We took Sierra to Sears today for her 1 yr photos. We got her all dressed up in a cute dress (that her daddy picked out for her), took her out for breakfast and then had the 1st photo shoot of the day @ Sears. Our last experience was crap so we decided to go with an early morning photo shoot so that they wouldn’t be running late – leaving Sierra in a good mood…

!@(searspics.jpg popimg: “Cute Sears Proofs”)Here’s the part where I brag… OMG! Her photos turned out AMAZING! I’ve scanned in the proof sheet to show you. Isn’t she just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I could just eat her up!

We were originally planning on going with their coupon – $9.99 for 5 photo sheets (the catch is that all the photo sheets must be the same pose). In the past all of her pics (except one) have been crap so choosing the one photo was a breeze. But not today – nope I got hosed. I purchased the “Bronze” package – I could get any pose I wanted. (I’m not telling how much I paid). There were way too many cute photos to shoose from so I pretty much chose them all! I bet that’s what they count on – parents thinking their kid is the cutest thing ever and buying ALL of the pics! And in this case they’re right – she IS the cutest thing ever!

6 thoughts on “Ain’t She Cute?

  1. Yes she is extremely cute … not quiet as cute as mine when they were that age but still extremely cute. I can relate to the Sears deals on pictures … been there done that. I have a question … Since you have so many pictures are you planning on mailingthem to everyone you know? If it makes you feel better I know I spent $250 on a set of pictures once.

  2. It seems like yesterday I read about your birth! How time flies! I don’t know if I will do a professional photo shoot…aww who am I kidding! I probably will at one years old too! SHE IS SO CUTE and I Love her name!

  3. Yes, she looks very sweet in those pics. Now she’s started to look like a little girl, instead of looking like a baby.

    Stay tuned for tantrums, screeching to get her own way, and hitting. Just like a sweet little girl :)

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