Amber’s Birth Story

Oh boy! This week has been a whirlwind & I really don’t know where to start!

Perhaps with Amber’s birth story? (Beware… This is a rather long post, so grab some water & get comfy).

On Tuesday (Nov. 2nd), I dropped my two older girls off at daycare and Kindergarten, then went to my midwife appointment. At my appointment, my secondary midwife (Jen) discovered that my cervix was 5cm dilated and the amniotic sac was bulging, although I wasn’t in labour. My blood pressure was a bit higher than it had been through my pregnancy and I also had some protein in my urine – signs that my body was “getting ready”. She did a “stretch & sweep” to stimulate the release of prostaglandins to start labour. Afterwards, I went home and frantically cleaned the whole house :) knowing that the baby would be here soon & we’d be bombarded with guests.

Later that afternoon my primary midwife (Kathryn) called to check on me and to find out if labour had begun. She was very concerned because I have a history of fast (aka precipitous) deliveries. My first daughter was born after a 5hr labour, and my second was born after a 3.5 hr labour. Both were also born well before their due dates but were healthy and strong.

My midwife’s concern was that I could go into labour anytime and not have anyone with me to bring me to the hospital so she could deliver. She felt that with my history of quick deliveries, I was at risk for an unassisted home birth, so she advised me to call my husband home, and have my mom come over to stay with my daughters. Kathryn also wanted to come over after dinner to reassess me.

7:20 pm, Kathryn came over with my student midwife, Amy. We went upstairs and they both assessed my cervix. I was very ripe & had progressed to almost 6cm. At 7:35 pm my water broke with my midwives there. Great timing!

They monitored the three to four mild contractions I had at the house, then we had to make a fast decision… Stay & deliver at home, or have all of us parade as fast as we can the 40 min to the hospital. As my hubby has a reoccurring nightmare about me dying during childbirth, we made the decision to go to the hospital. I personally didn’t want to be bothered with the mess in the house either (I’m kind of a “Type-A” personality if you hadn’t already guessed).

Really strong active labour contractions started at 8:00 pm as we got into our cars. As we drove they became, longer, stronger & faster. We arrived at the hospital at 8:35 pm and I was beginning to transition. At this point the contractions were coming every 2 min and I bet it took me a good 10 min to make the short walk to my delivery room. At 9:00 pm I declared “Guys, I feel the urge to push”. After that contraction I crawled up on the birthing bed, Amy checked me & sure enough I was fully dilated. Three contractions & long hard pushes later, Amber was born into Amy’s waiting arms at 9:07 pm happily sucking her thumb! (Amber was sucking her thumb, not Amy – LOL).

I set a new PR! 67 min of labour! This record will stand as I have no plans on ever trying to break it :)

It’s Sunday now & we’ve had a few days to get to know each other. Amber rarely cries, her jaundice is clearing up, she’s a nursing champ with a perfect latch despite having a slight tongue tie, she loves her thumb & being swaddled. Her big sisters absolutely adore her (and fight constantly over who gets to hold her):

All in all we’re doing well.

I’d like to thank everyone for being there for me during my pregnancy. The support from the Mamavation Sista’s has been phenomenal! With your support & following your examples I was able to have my healthiest, happiest pregnancy ever! I gained the least amount of weight (24lbs), carried Amber the longest, she was by far my largest baby at 7lbs 8oz and definitely was my fastest delivery. I owe you all a wealth of gratitude!

I can’t wait to continue my journey back to fitness with you!

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13 thoughts on “Amber’s Birth Story

  1. Oh WOW! Boy that was FAST! Congratulations for a safe & healthy delivery – you all look adorable! And yes… I graded papers, scrubbed baseboards & vacuumed the day I had Michael (17 yrs ago) – too funny!

  2. Congratualtions! I feel bad for your hubby now … just think in about 10 years he will have to build his own bathroom. LOL

    1. Thanks Mike! Yes hubby has plans for 2-3 more bathrooms for the house… two ensuites and a 1.5 bath for the basement. With a pool in the backyard as well, our water bill is going to be ridiculous!

  3. I am so happy for you! She is so beautiful! I am with you on Mamavation without each other I know I would of been more of a wreak these past few weeks! *hug*

    1. Hey Amanda!

      I’ve been thinking about you all day today. I hope your birth went well yesterday and I can’t wait to see pics of your beautiful little girl – Congrats!


  4. Congratulations! How did you manage to look that good after giving birth?!?! I don’t look that good at any time *sniff*.

    I’m happy for you, although I know you’ve got a lot of work ahead. Don’t forget nap times, they’re the best.

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