An American’s Guide To Canada: What Every Canadian Knows

!@(DSCN2239.JPG popimg: “Thrills Gum”) This is a great site that I came across this morning (you know while trying to kill time waiting for my only source of entertainment, Cosmo Boy, to wake up). It explains the subtle differences between Canada and The States.

For example: The States The USA. Canadians hate referring to the US as “America,” because Canadians are just as much North Americans as Americans are.

Canadians don’t celebrate Independence Day (duh), Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, or Presidents’ Day.

And my personal fave is: Everything is measured in metric. (No, the temperature does not drop fifty degrees when you cross the border, and the speed limit doesn’t double.) Much as we wish it would double!

So if you’re planning a trip to Canada, check out this site, it’ll help you to fit in, and teach you to say no if anyone ever offers you some THRILLS gum.

7 thoughts on “An American’s Guide To Canada: What Every Canadian Knows

  1. One difference between Americans and Canadians that I have noticed is that Americans wear their shoes in their homes whereas Canadians take their shoes off when they enter the door. I worked for an american company and when americans came up they would be baffled as to why we took our shoes off. To me taking shoes off in the house keeps the floor clean. There are a lot of little differences between the U.S. and Canada. Just like any country.

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