An Early-Morning Walk is a Blessing for the Whole Day

We did it! Did what you ask? The “Mommy Marathon“! My mom and I had a blast walking the 5K. (Thanks mom!). There were times when neither one of us thought we’d make it, but we did it. I guess it would’ve been easier if we hadn’t walked 2Km around a mall and 1/2 a km from the car to the walk site before doing the walk…. But what ever, we had fun, fun, fun. Oh yeah – and we raised money for Sick Kid’s Hospital too.

Now that I have 8 weeks left 😯 in this pregnancy, I don’t know what my next fitness goal should be. I always need a goal (otherwise I just sit on my expanding ass and eat bon bons….) – the first was to run the Frosty 5K, and the second was to stay active enough to complete the Mommy Marathon 5K walk, now what should I do? Hmmmm… Oh I know! I’m going to aim for three 25 min sessions/week on the elliptical trainer… Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “An Early-Morning Walk is a Blessing for the Whole Day

  1. Congrats! on the walk. You know I think having a baby is enough of a fitness goal. And what about those ugly running shoes companies are selling? real we need to something about the ugliness of running shoes. I compli-memed someone too!

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