An Ode to My Couch

Dear Couch,
You are truly the best thing ever invented (ok, next to my bed). You’re doubly good because you’re a Futon and can turn yourself into a bed whenever you choose. Throughout my pregnancy with Sierra, you and I became really close friends. We spent countless hours watching TV together. I love you because you love Reality Shows as much as I do. Amazing Race, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, The Contender, The Apprentice, The Bachelor, Big Brother 6 – we’ve watched them all together. We’ve shared many goodtimes together – napping with Sierra, napping with Cosmo Dawg, and well… just plain napping. Thank you for everything couch!

OK – I admit – I cheated today. I had nothing to blog about. I’m a stay-at-home-mom to a 3 month old who does nothing but lays there and stares at the ceiling for most of the day. My day is spent nursing, changing and trying to figure out what the various cries mean. Personally, I don’t think she really knows either. So today I stole my blog topic from: Blog Ideas.

Blogideas - When you don't know what to Blog about.

3 thoughts on “An Ode to My Couch

  1. hehehe! I love that you cheated!!!
    Don’t fret…Sierra will be way more active before you know it!!
    Becca just started to walk and it feels like just yesterday she slept all day!

  2. It’s good to get some ideas elsewhere, otherwise your blog will end up becoming the Sierra Blog since that’s the main thing going on right now.

    Being unemployed, I know what it’s like when I go to write something, where I used to have some interesting things happen to me on the way to work, or way home, or with people during the day. Not now.

    Luckily I still go out to Tim’s. I just can’t write a whole bunch of posts about Tim’s though.

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