An Update of Sorts

I’ve been a horrible blogger lately haven’t I?  I’ve started off on topics and never provided an update…  Things like: weaning, Brooke’s first day of daycare, my trip to Ottawa etc….  So here’s where I update you on my life – sorry for the point form:

  • Daycare – Brooke’s 1st day went well.  She cried alot, but she ate well, and drank 2oz of Homo milk from a sippy cup 3 times through the day, and 2 oz of juice.
  • I haven’t been able to replicate what she did at daycare.
  • Weaning – not going well, Brooke only wants to nurse at home.
  • Not sure if I’m upset about the lack of weaning or not.
  • Why did I need to send her to daycare?  I still can’t say – still waiting for news about that.
  • Took advantage of the child-free day – bought 4 outfits (keeping all the tips I’ve gained from watching far too much of "What Not To Wear" in mind – even bought red shoes and a matching red purse).
  • Also got my hair done – hi-lights and low-lights, and a fresh new cut – added some layers to my bob.  I kind of look like a Blonde Rhianna now:

  • Today is my last weekday of my mternity leave – I’m taking the kiddos to Wasaga Beach with a few friends and their young-uns for a day of sun, sand and fun.

That’s about it – gotta go now and feed the kiddos breakfast, pack up my gas guzzling SUV (thinking about replacing it with  aDiesel 2009 VW Jetta TDI), and head of to the beach.

6 thoughts on “An Update of Sorts

  1. What do you mean you don’t know why you had to send Brooke to day care? You have to because of going back to work, right? I’m confused. :)
    Nice to have an update from you though, hope to see a pic of your new hair soon. I need to cut mine off, it’s driving me nutso!

  2. I’ve always loved Rhianna’s hair, yours must be gorgeous blonde. I’ve considered doing something along those lines BUT I’m always afraid to make the leap and get it cut (below shoulders.)

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