And I Thought You Just Didn’t Like Me Anymore

I’ve noticed lately that the number of comments on my posts has dropped. Dramatically!  Down from like 3 comments per post to 1.  My first thought was that you just didn’t like me anymore… but I didn’t really care ’cause I still continued to post, blog and carry on about my merry little way.

However, CJ was cool enough to send me an email to tell me that my RSS feed was down, or changed or otherwise effed up.  He got all worried about me and came looking for me (awww CJ – you’re too kind).  He had an old Just Janice / Cosmogrrl feed, and how he was still getting my feed is beyond me – but it made me realize that when I had a denial of service attack here in early July, things got further effed up.

So…… If you want to keep cyber stalking me reading my blog through a feed reader (like google reader, bloglines etc…) my RSS feed is: and if you want to have my posts delivered straight to your email in-box then you can subscribe by email:

EDIT – I figured out why CJ’s bloglines feed was no longer working – I turned off a redirect I had from to  I’ve added the redirect back through cpanel so if you’re a longtime subscriber, you may find that you have a lot of catching up to do :)

3 thoughts on “And I Thought You Just Didn’t Like Me Anymore

  1. We still love you! Summmertime is just a busy time of year with spending time on vacations and everything. Now we are getting kids back to school, so hopefuly your comment counts will go back up.

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