April Fools!


Baby #2 is going to be a joker! He/She decided to play a little joke on mommy & daddy early Sunday morning. Rob and I pulled up to Oakville Memorial Hospital at 1 am with me having strong contractions that were lasting almost 1 min, ocurring every 3 min. They were powerful enough to cause me to be sick to my stomach – and that’s pretty strong ’cause I have a pretty strong pain threshold. Abby, my midwife, hooked me up to a fetal monitor and was able to monitor the contractions with it. Then Abby asked me how much I’d had to drink on Saturday – ummmm – hmmmmm – not a heck of a lot. A tea… a drinking box…. a glass of water…. I was dehydrated. Apparently dehydration causes contractions (and other gastro-intestinal problems – I’ll be nice and spare ya the deets). After drinking a REALLY big water and a REALLY big (awful) ginger ale the contractions subsided and Abby let us all go home.