After yesterday night’s fiasco I tried something new today.  I nursed Brooke in her usual nursing chair at naptime.  She pulled off just as she was about to fall asleep and began screaming.  Smart girl – she knew I was going to put her into her crib awake.  (‘Cause all of you kind internets have suggested being consistent with whatever I chose to do).  She carried on so much that I was convinced that maybe, just maybe she wasn’t tired – only thirsty.  But alas – my mommy instincts took over.  I brought her to my room (hubby snores so freaking much that I have my own room – this is a whole ‘nother post rant), and laid her next to me.  I patted her bum, she stopped crying (almost immediately), rolled over and zonked out.  Zonked out for 2 freaking hours!  The kid that always, always, always only sleeps for 40 minutes, slept for 2 hours! 

IMG_0085Fast forward to bedtime ->  Same thing… I nurse her, she almost falls asleep, then starts screaming.  I bring her into my bed, lay next to her and ZONK!  Fast asleep again!  That was 2.5 hrs ago (yeah I know, I should be sleeping, not writing about it, but whatever – I know you guys are on the edge of your seats wondering how my plans are going, right? ).  Yippee!  No wake up 40 min in….

I wonder if I’ve stumbled upon a fix for her poor napping, poor night sleeping?  We shall see.  Unfortunately this doesn’t fix my other issue – falling asleep for daddy…  But that’s what car rides are for, right?

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  1. Oh glad to see something is working for ya! My babies always sleep best with me, even though one of them eventually slept better not in my bed (but still in my room…in a bed on the floor we got for him).

    And I hear ya on the “own room” issue…we have that going on too!

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  2. good on ya for following your instincts.
    my 3 year old didn’t sleep in her own bed until she was 2 1/2, and we didn’t even bother getting a room ready for the 5 month old. we’re big fans of ‘whatever works,’ and at our house, it’s sleeping together.

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  3. Yay! I’m so glad it’s working and you didn’t have to go against your instincts.

    I love (LOVE!) having kids in our room. I didn’t work for Primo after a while because he just wanted to play but Bella is great in there. I find it easier with the 2nd to say “screw you” to the cry it out’ers because I’m so much more confident in knowing that kids grow too fast to worry about the small stages. I’ll take every second I can cuddling them.

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