At My Wits End

*Sigh*  For the past three days Sierra and I have been fighting non-stop.  Well not really fighting, just she’s been not obeying me, climbing all over me, not staying at the table during meal times, and generally being a rambunctious annoying little insane toddler.  Tonight she downright embarrassed me at my La Leche League Meeting.  We went so that we could pass on a gift to a girlfriend of mine, and Sierra was mucho excited about meeting Konnor’s new little sister, and also excited about seeing a bunch of babies.  At the meeting she was spinning out of control (literally – and Tracy can vouch for me on that), jumping over the babies’ blankets and toys, pretending to be a butterfly and jumping off of a couch….  The list goes on.  Now I didn’t expect her to be a perfect little angel sitting by my side, but I also didn’t expect her to be so disobedient to me every time I asked her to stop.  I know – wtf was I thinking?  Hey!  Hubby’s outta town for two weeks and Mama needed to get out! 


Anyways, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out why she’s behaving this way (besides the obvious – she’s an insane toddler), and racking my brain to figure out how to modify her behaviour without beating her silly in a fit of rage.  (No I would never do that, but there have been numerous times over the past two days where I’ve had to walk out of the room and count to twenty).  So what makes a generally well behaved two yr old suddenly act as if she’s been given a double shot of caffeine? 




Well, lack of it.  At meal times I divide my attention between feeding Brookie, and feeding Sierra (and myself too), bath time is spent with Brookie in the bath with her, walks, play time etc… are all done with Brookie too.  At bed time, while putting Brookie to bed I leave Sierra with the electronic babysitter (TV).  I guess I don’t have to be a genius to figure out what’s going on. 


So….  Tomorrow is a new day.  A day full of promises to spend more time with her.  Brookie can be fed lunch/dinner while I’m cooking for Sierra and I.  That way Sierra will get full attention at meal times.  Sierra can help give Brookie a bath, then after Brookie is in bed Sierra can shower with Mommy (we used to do that).  When Brookie is napping I’ll play pretend and dress-up with Sierra instead of doing a "quick" clean-up of the house…   Oh how I hope this works!  And even if it doesn’t at least I figured out how to spend more time with my dahling little Sierra Beara.  Gosh I love her and it breaks my heart to scream at her.   

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8 thoughts on “At My Wits End

  1. She might enjoy feeding Brooke her dessert! Like chocolate pudding! Oh, and let her have some too of course!

    RESPONSE: Maybe I’ll try having Sierra feed her paches or banana for dessert. I’ll post pics tomorrow!

  2. I learned with both of my boys that a good solid right hand acrossed their hind quarters really gets their attention … also improves their hearing. I don’t believe in beating a child , but a good spanking won’t ever kill them. God knows I got plenty of them (shoulda got lots more than I did at times too).

  3. Isn’t it awful how sometimes they are just like caged animals when you take them out somewhere! I really do think that more attention will work though. It always seems that way for me anyway. When I have a structured schedule my kids seem to behave better! Good Luck, and tell us how it worked!:)

    Aimee’s last blog post..I now have to hide the microwave popcorn

  4. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I remember that stage and it’s really freakin’ hard to meet the attention needs of a baby and a toddler. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Janet’s last blog post..Yearning

  5. Maybe… you should ask your mother if when you did what Sierra is doing… (yes you did!) did she walk out of the room and count to twenty? Or “ask” you to stop doing whatever it was that you shouldn’t be doing? Just some ideas. Run Good!

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