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I’m Still Running Around

Happy New Year everyone! I just realised that I haven’t written here since November – OY! How quickly time slips away from me! I feel like I should get back to writing here and chronicling my training and daily life on a more regular basis.  And yes – I have still been running, I just haven’t been blogging about it – Proof:

TWBA 606

This year I have quite a few racing goals, including one super BIG exciting one: I’m going to California to race with 11 other bloggers in the Ragnar Southern California Relay! I’m also doing two half-marathons (the Chilly Half that I last wrote about, and Scotia Bank Toronto in the fall), plus an Olympic distance and a Sprint distance triathlon.

This is all very exciting stuff for a working mom of three little girls – I never get to go anywhere! I’ve never done a destination race! I’ve never done a relay race! But in a few short months all of those dreams will be coming true as I get to run/race on the Ragnar So Cal Blogger team with some folks whose blogs I stalk quite often:


See what I mean? What a super cool running bunch of bloggers!

I wonder if we’ll sit in the vans talking about WordPress plugins or if we’ll talk training and running tactics?

This year I’m also going to officially become a triathlete – Perhaps I should change my blog name? Mom on the swim, bike and run? I’ve been recruited to be on the Ontario Women’s Triathlon Committee – Along with another triathlete I do their marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and Website – in fact I designed this year’s website! Go visit and check it out: With the marketing of the triathlon comes participation in the race and the training clinics we host. Meeting with the founding board every month makes it really hard NOT to catch the triathlon bug – the ladies are about 20 years older than me and are in such GREAT shape from their years of training that they can totally kick my butt at any running race distance. They are so inspiring! And truthfully – they LOOK great too – so young, vibrant and full of energy.

All in all this year looks like it holds some really amazing stuff for me – races, travel, meet ups etc. I can’t wait!

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Half-Marathon Training – Week 1

So I’m back in the saddle.  Wow.  It feels good! This week was my first “official” training week.  And I *ahem* ran only twice.


I also went to spinning class, bodypump, and a parent & tot gymnastics class.  Those count right?

OK – I know I’m only kidding myself. So this week I vow to train a little harder:

Monday: Spinning class
Tuesday: Run 5k
Wednesday: BodyPump!
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Run 5k
Saturday: Run 5k
Sunday: Long 10k run

Sigh. This running/working/parenting stuff is hard – does it ever get easier?  Less busy?


Let the Training Begin… Again!

Here we are on the dawn of another Holiday Season, and again, I find myself slowly packing on the pounds. Poor food choices, too much Halloween candy, too many social events and not enough exercise. Blah. Blah. Blah. I also feel crummy. The days are getting much shorter – I leave for work in the dark, and I drive home in the dark. How crappy is that?

So instead of whining and complaining about the dark, my weight, and generally feeling miserable, I decided to save y’all from me, and I registered for the Chilly Half Marathon… Again.


I swear, this race is like my personal SAD cure. The first weekend in March, which despite the cold, is the perfect weekend to race. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done this race – I may be up to 5 or 6 times (including last year when I set a new PB there). I’ve even run this race pregnant and pushing a jogging stroller!

(I have a picture that I’ll insert here when I find it…)

UPDATE: I found it!

So I took a Visa gift card I earned from doing a sponsored post on the ol’ blog, and instead of blowing it on junk, I used it to invest in my own personal health and emotional well being. Having a race that I’ve registered for looming in the distance is a great way for me to motivate myself to get outside for a mid-day endorphin rush, and a glimpse of sunlight, even on the super cold days of winter. Training also motivates me to eat better, to make better food choices because I recover from hard long runs so much better if I give myself the proper fuel.

Besides all the great health benefits of training, I gotta admit the cute jacket for the race registrants is a very nice bonus:


(See? Seriously cute jacket. Men, don’t worry, there’s a different one for you, unless of course you like violet)

Let the training begin – wish me luck!

Question/Sharing: How do you beat the winter blues?