Baby, Belly & Boobs – Oh My!

!@(13wksUS2site.jpg popimg: “13 Weeks U/S Pic”) Alrightie – here are the pics so far. The Ultrasound picture to the left was taken at 13 weeks (11 weeks gestation) in early January. You can clearly see the head forming. To the left of the head there is a great big abyss of blackness – that’s amniotic fluid. It was really interesting to see during this weeks U/S, that the abyss if blackness has pretty much disappeared – baby now takes up the entire space – no wonder I’ve been beginning to feel baby’s movements! Unfortunately I don’t have this week’s pictures to share with you yet – I have to go back in a week from now and pick them up – Arrrgh! I wish my Dr, and the hospital were a wee bit closer to my house (they’re an hour away!)…

!@( 20weeks.jpg popimg: “20 Weeks Belly”)!@(20weeks_side.jpg:R popimg: “20 Weeks Belly Side”) If you’ve read this far you’re either a sucker for punishment, or a VERY loyal reader. So for that I must reward you – here are the 20 week pictures of my growing belly. LOL – gee aren’t you lucky – you get to see my big fat tummy!

I began this pregnancy at 125 lbs, and so far I’m up to 136lbs – not too shabby 😉 Oh yeah – and my boobs? They started out in an “A” cup. Yesterday I got measured for a new bra ’cause the one I was wearing was digging in and giving me 4 boobs…. Anyways, after trying on 6 different bras, the sales lady came to the conclusion that I’m now a “D”! A “D” 😯 OMG! She also said that since I’m only 4 1/2 months pregnant I shouldn’t buy too many of this size, ’cause she thinks I’m going to go even further – Further? Like a “DD”? Out of curiousity, I went to the maternity store and looked at their nursing bras – since I’m 34 inches around – the largest size they offer is a 34D – WTF am I going to do when it comes time to nurse? Man! To quote Jenny McCarthy:


I hate my belly but I love my boobs! Hopefully some of this “fullness” in the breasts will linger on long after the tummy has disappeared!

19 thoughts on “Baby, Belly & Boobs – Oh My!

  1. That’s totally exciting Marie! I remember our first ultrasound. It really was the moment everything became “real” for me. I will never forget it. Of course, for the woman, everything is “real” much earlier!

  2. “I hate my belly but I love my boobs! Hopefully some of this “fullness” in the breasts will linger on long after the tummy has disappeared!”

    Don’t get your hopes up too high for this…
    The porn star feeling will really increase when your milk comes in and your boobies are so engorged that one could chip a tooth on them. Oh all the fun that awaits you!

    Thanks for sharing the u/s and belly pics. You look great!

  3. That is so exciting! I am happy for you. Pregnancy is an amazing thing especially the first one. If you think you feel like a porn star now, just wait until your milk comes in. Your milk comes in a few days after baby arrives and wow! When you become engored it can be very uncomfortable until baby feeds. Men for some reason like this part of pregnancy, geez I wonder why. Keep us updated with the baby in the oven.

  4. ROFL on the Google comment!

    I like your “big fat tummy” as you put it. I’ve envied Cosmo Boy ever since I found out you were spoken for and I still think he’s a lucky guy!

    Let me know if you end up needing those J cup nursing bras that my friend has 😛 … though, since she was three cup sizes bigger than you before pregnancy, I have to imagine you won’t end up quite that size.

  5. Very cool! Loox like a hockey player to me. 😉

    A college buddy who had their first child 1nce said “my son is getting more than me!”

    Yes, he was very proud of his wife’s preggo cones.

  6. Ultrasound pictures are soooo exciting! And you look great … enjoy every minute of pregnancy, because you blink, and it’s just a memory. (I think our minds work like that so that women have more than one child 😉 Congratulations!

  7. Oops I missed the belly pics so just had to come back to say I love your belly! One of the most beautiful things in the world to me is a pregnant belly. :) And congrats on your new boobs!

  8. Yay how exciting!!! :-)
    Wow an A to a D… and only so far, lol. I went from B to D at one point, but mostly C. My D was full of pain… engorged when my milk came in. Owwie.
    Okay more than you wanted to know…

  9. Congratulations! My sister is pregnant herself. 3 1/2 months, I think. It’s a very exciting time for our family.

    My first stop here today, found you through Groovebunny.

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