Baby Games

Ok – ever since I read that you can feel your baby move at 16 weeks I’ve been anxiously awaiting the kicks. And waiting, and waiting and waiting. 8 weeks have gone by people! EIGHT! 😯 I was starting to think there was something seriously wrong with my kid … That is until last night. First off – I must admit I don’t normally eat a double chocolate sundae before going to bed – really I don’t :mrgreen: But I’m glad I did cause here’s what happened:

I got in bed and nestled myself between my not one, but two body pillows (I like getting molested from the front AND back…). I laid on my left side like a good little mommy so that I don’t kill Cosmo Baby. All of a sudden I felt: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. So I rolled onto my other side: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. So I rolled back onto my left: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. The poor thing – for some weird reason :mrgreen: Cosmo Baby just couldn’t seem to get comfortable in there – tee hee :mrgreen: Is it wrong that I enjoyed torturing the kid like that?

13 thoughts on “Baby Games

  1. Soooo exciting! Soon we’ll be reading about the day when you can lay the remote control on your tummy and watch it bounce around … party games!!! :smile:

  2. I’m thinking he/she must’ve had quite the hyper spat after all that sundae!
    I’m not tired mommy! One more hour! One more hour!

  3. Beth has been concerned lately as well because she hasn’t felt the Beanette move. Nice to know it happens to others late :-) Congrats!

  4. First kicks usually feel like bubbles bursting. Just wait until you are nine months and baby is kicking you in the ribs and bladder!

  5. Just wondering why so many of us guys are represented with a hot leg in strappy shoes?
    Nice leg but I’m not quite so sure it represents me. Perhaps because I’m a lowly Blogger user…?

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