Back On The Run

Sigh, now that daddy’s home I have no more excuses for not running.  Tonight’s run was going to be brutal ’cause I missed 5 runs of my training plan with my neighbour.  Tonight’s run was supposed to be 20 min consisting of a walk/run ratio of 30 sec walk, 2 1/2 min run.  But I didn’t make it out ’cause Sierra started throwing up and having diarrhea 45 min before I was supposed to meet my neighbour.  And of course, when a little one is sick the only person that will do is mommy.  So there I go with the excuses again :)  Next week it’ll be full running for 20 min, then after that we’ll be adding time on (and therefore distance).  Getting back into running has been tough, it hurts me emotionally to see how unfit I’ve become over the past 4 yrs, but whatever, I’ve been pregnant or nursing for all 4 of them, so that’s a good excuse right?


For motivation, I’ve finally found a goal race – The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.  A 10K race for women only.  In IRELAND!  We’re 100% certain that we’re going to Ireland now, but how long we’re going for is a bigger issue.  4 months?  2 years?  More?  Less?  When will we leave?  Will we sell the house?  Rent it out?  Who knows.  All I know is that I plan on continuing to do the things I enjoy no matter where I’m living.


In more running news, I’m now a contributing author on  Pretty cool, eh?  Here’s my first article: Running To The Beat.  I hope to contribute an article every week about women’s running, beginner’s running, and hopefully a product review of various jogging strollers.  If ya have any ideas about what to write about, please, don’t be shy, ok?  Thanks!


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