Because I Love My In-Laws…

It’s a Holiday weekend in Ontario and because we have nothing better to do with our time and because we love grandma and grandpa, we’ve decided to spend the weekend all together in 75 sq ft of space (maybe less). Yes, we have decided that it’s once again time to load up my hubby’s Mazda and drive 9 hours to visit his parents. I love them, I really do.

Travelling with young children freaking sucks. Travelling with a potty training 2 year old sucks more. Travelling through numerous construction zones including a highway closure and subsequent traffic jam when you are an hour into a 5 hour drive makes me feel like slitting my wrists might be more fun and certainly less painful.

I hate road trips.

Unfortunately my awesome in-laws live a long-ass road trip away. I really wish they lived closer – we have so much fun with them! If they lived closer we could see them more often, dump the girls on them for a weekend, and do other fun stuff with them. But instead, I’m tapping this post out on my iPod Touch, 4 hours into what should be a 5 hour drive and have only just passed the halfway mark.

Pass the Gravol.

4 thoughts on “Because I Love My In-Laws…

  1. I love road trips!
    I did dread them a little when the boys were smaller. It was always … I’m hungry, or I’m thirsty, or I gotta go potty. All right after (less than 30 min) a pit stop.
    I almost took a flight 1600 miles from home a few years ago just to be able to get the car I wanted. Flight booked and all. Kinda glad a car identical to what I wanted showed up 30 min. from home. Still have the car and still love it. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Fusion Orange Metalic … Loaded except for On-star and a supercharger.

  2. I loved going up north, the traffic jams are all part of it. Now that we have gps we try to take the back roads and leave the 400 series highways off if we can. Take care hope it was relaxing when you arrived.
    .-= lucy´s last blog .. =-.

  3. OH GAWD! I am with you! I despise long drives with the kids. Hubby’s all ‘Oh c’mon, it’s not THAT bad’..Really?! Really?! Are YOU the one facing backwards the entire trip to deal with the litany of complaints and requests from the backseat and trying not to vomit because of your severe motion sickness?! No? I didn’t think so…..
    Oh yeah. I am so right there with you. =) Glad that it’s at least a great destination.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Wanderlust =-.

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