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I often treat myself to a Starbucks coffee. Not every day mind you, I find their coffee too expensive for that. It’s more like every third day. One of the things I like about their coffee is their cups – I love their “the way I see it” feature, a thoughtful, insightful quote to help govern your day. Today the quote on my coffee cup was “The Way I See It #198”:

“you can shower a child with presents or money, but what do they really mean, compared to the most valuable gift of all – your time? Vacations and special events are nice but so often the best moments are the spontaneous ones. Being there. Every moment you spend with your child could be the one that really matters.”

How true it is!

Now I believe my husband and I are very good at being there for our girls – we pretty much drop everything to spend quality time with them. I find we’re one of the only sets of parents on our street seen out playing, or walking with our kids. I’ve read a lot of your blogs, dear Internet friends, so I know that you’re the same as we are with your children. But what happens after the kids go to bed? Do you and your spouse put the same effort into being there for each other? Spending time just the two of you together?

Us? Guilty as charged.

We’re worn out from hectic work days, commuting and parenting. But we’re working on fixing that. They say it takes 7 weeks to form new habits – so over the next 7 weeks you may not see a lot of posts from me, and if you do see them, they may seem generic, and scheduled. For that I’m sorry. The project I’m focussing on right now is more important.

Every moment you spend with your PARTNER could be the one that matters.

8 thoughts on “Being There

  1. By all means spend your time working on your family. That is way more important than posting on here for all of our enjoyment. Good Luck!!

  2. Good for you.
    I read a few mommy or daddy blogs where the authors write a novel everyday or more. I don’t know where they find the time.
    I understand it of course, because blogging is cathartic and addictive but lately I’ve been the same way.
    Time is valuable, and we all really need to prioritize how we spend it.

  3. Wonderful reality check, thank you.
    It’s funny because my children are always bringing up those random moments that we share (Nerf gun fights, board games, squirt guns, etc) more than they talk about trips to Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, etc.
    I completely agree to also invest time in your marriage. That is vitally important to the entire family and should be a priority.
    Have fun!

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  4. I don’t drink coffee because it normally makes me feel anxious/tense. Unless it’s a small espresso after a really indulgent meal, which I can’t resist. Sounds like I’m missing out, because that cup inspired you to write what I think is a really insightful post – thanks.

  5. It really is so important to unplug from the world and reconnect with your husband. Of course, as I type this, my DH is sitting across the other side of the room from me surfing his own computer. It’s definitely something we all need to work on! Good luck to you!

    BTW…I highly recommend date nights. Twice a month is ideal but once a month is good too.

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