Best Christmas Evah!

Merry Christmas – did Santa spoil you?  He spoiled me!  For Christmas I got the bestest Christmas gift ever – a new laptop!  I musta been a REALLY good girl this year *wink*.  I also got a Nike + ipod Running Kit, a Tommy Hilfiger sweater and blouse and that’s about it.  I swear I must own a small stock in Fisher-Price/Mattel and Leap Frog now – the girls got so many Little People that I know have a small village of them residing in my basement. 

The best part of Christmas is that Santa took all of Sierra’s bottles away that she left for him on Christmas Eve and left her a brand new sippy cup!  She was generally on board with the idea, however she didn’t drink much today as a result.  I fully expect her to wake up in the night asking for a bubba, then having a major meltdown because we don’t have any.  I suspect that it won’t be long until she finds a special sippy amongst the numerous styles I’ve bought in a desperate attempt to get her to give up her bottles.  Heck – in 2 years from now I’ll be fighting to get her to give up her sippy…  Oh well – for now I’m happy to see the bottles go.  Hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes and simply wean Brooke straight to a sippy. 

How was your Christmas?  Did you get everything you asked for?