It’s October – aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As you may, or may not know, my family has been deeply impacted by breast cancer. A few years ago, my grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer. Months later my Aunt J was diagnosed with it. She’s a survivor and is now cancer free. Actually breast cancer has touched me in more ways – my neighbour is a survivor and one of my softball team mates is currently undergoing treatment. It’s a cruel disease – it can take away your fertility (as in the case of my team mate) and it can take away your life.

Bloggers across the world are sharing pics of their boobies this month in the 4th Annual Blogger Boobie-thon to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. I’ve participated and submitted my photo and I’ve also donated. Now it’s your turn to spread the word, donate and participate!


As long as we’re on the topic of boobies… Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the World Breastfeeding Challenge. The objective is to have the highest participation rate in proportion to the # of births in the region. Each region in Ontario (Canada? North America?) will be “latching on” at 11 am. Now good ol’ Sierra will only nurse if she’s actually hungry so it’ll be interesting to see if I can get her to cooperate – force feeding the boob is rather hard to do. Funny thing is, 3 months ago I was ready to quit nursing – I was mourning my old life. But now? I’m loving how quick and easy it is to do – I’ve also redefined myself – I still play softball, run, workout, only now I do that stuff with other moms in an environment where it’s not unusual to stop in the middle of an aerobic class, grab your baby and sit down to nurse him/her. Yep – now that I’ve found Mommy Fitness classes I’m down 23 lbs of the pregnancy weight!

4 thoughts on “Boobie-licious!

  1. Good for you! They had a breastfeeding awareness day here and held it at a hockey rink. I’m not sure of the logic on that (“hockey” is more rare here than breastfeeding, by far, maybe they were trying to really increase the awareness of the fact that we have a hockey rink?)

  2. I did the breastfeeding challenge last year with Becca! We had a ton of fun and even bought a sling while we were there!

    It is so sad that you have been affected so deeply from Breast Cancer :( My family always dies with or from Cancer although none yet with Breast Cancer. I sent my Boobies into the Boobie-a-thon. We do not have a lot of money for charity, however my boobies are free to help a good cause! 😛

    I am glad you stuck with breast feeding, I do not envy the people that have to sterilize and carry bottles around. I still forget sometimes to bring my toddlers sippy cup along with us!! I miss breastfeeding…Need another baby…wait I need to go to my blog now…hehe 😳


  3. I’m all for boobies. Hurray for boobies!

    Seriously, one of our good friends is a survivor and my sis-in-law is an oncologist who does breast cancer research.

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