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Exercise Anywhere-2 Nothing is better in my books than getting fit without having to pay hefty gym membership fees.  With two kids in full-time daycare, I’m the queen of cheap, inexpensive alternatives and I honestly feel that with a little creativity you can get fit without having to use expensive equipment, hence the reason I run.  That’s where Exercise Anywhere Cards from come in.  Now you don’t even need creativity to get fit – Exercise Anywhere Cards is a complete whole body exercise routine printed on a palm-sized deck of cards.  The deck has 30 double-sided cards with instructions and illustrations for 4-5 exercises for each major muscle group (ie: reverse fly to work out the shoulders).  The nice part is that all of the exercises on the cards can be done anywhere (as the name implies).  As well, the cards can be brought anywhere because the cards fit in your pocket, on your keychain or in a pocket of your gym bag!  At $8.00/deck the cards fit nicely in my budget too! 

Exercise Anywhere-3 Exercise Anywhere-4


My Results:

I tried the sample routine from the Exercise Anywhere Cards for a week and let me say, my entire body was sore afterwards!  I even lost two pounds that week!  Bonus!  On Monday I strength trained my chest, shoulders and tri’s, then Tuesday I did some cardio, Wednesday I strength trained my lower body and abs, Thursday I did some cardio, and Friday I strength trained my back and biceps.  I liked the variety of exercises for each muscle group that the cards offered.  Although I have a Kinesiology background, the cards offered exercises that I hadn’t even thought of.


Now you can have your own set of Exercise Anywhere Cards from Nuru too!  I’m giving away 2 sets of the cards.  The contest is open starting today (Monday March 2, 2009) and will close on Sunday March 9, 2009 at midnight.

How to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post listing one other product available from
2) Subscribe to receive posts from Mom On The Run by email

I will be having 2 draws for the cards: 1 winner will be selected from all of comments on this post, and 1 winner will be selected from all new email subscribers to Mom On The Run.
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13 thoughts on “Build A Better Body Giveaway!

  1. Ooo these look so neat! When I was running I would stretch and do a few strength exercises afterward but never really knew what to do. These would be perfect :)

    The site also carries emergency cards for first aid :)

    I think I am an email subscriber already from many moons ago 😛

    chelles last blog post..I can’t say No

  2. FREE!!! I like FREE!
    GOD (and everyone else) knows I could use a good toning up and losing a few pounds in the process would be great.

  3. I want these and besides we could FINALLY meet up and you could save on postage. :)

    Understanding your car on their website looks interesting. Would I have to get oil on my hands though?

    Leannes last blog post..Merry Exams

  4. I like the Emergency First Aid flip card set. They look easy to use and very easy to read. I especially like the illustrations, in an emergency, you may not have time to read the whole block of text.

  5. wondering if your cards might be the fitness breakthrough my wife might be searching for.. something that will be effective and nont be thrown on the scrap heap after a short period of time….saw your golf products… wondeirng about the putting puck.. have seen something similar to that before… are these your products or do you sell as a franchisee?

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