Busting Out

!@(babykick.jpg popimg: “Cosmo Baby Kicking!”) <--- See that picture? Cosmo Baby is convinced that he/she can tunnel out of me. And right she/he is. But the one problem about Cosmo Baby is that he/she is going about it all the wrong way. You see, this kid is seriously convinced that it can kick itself free by kicking my right side repeatedly for hours on end. On the way to work, while I'm meeting with clients, while I'm going to the bathroom, watching TV or even sleeping. It's constantly kicking (serves me right for complaining that it never moved). And it's not fast kicking either - it's a kick with a push and hold, then kick, push, hold... I guess Cosmo Baby is as anxious to meet his/her parents as we are to meet them!

8 thoughts on “Busting Out

  1. Have you had him up under your ribs yet? Under your ribs and kicking? That’s when you see just how flexible your ribs are or how breakable they are.

  2. 1. WOW! You’re site is very entertaining.

    2. That post was rather frightening, but informative – I’m rather nervous about the whole pregnancy thing, but it’s nice to see what someone else is going through.

    3. You’re a great commenter!

    P.S. – I voted for you in that contest, but I had to nominate myself, too 😉

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