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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Not A Baby Mom

The other night, I took Brooke (my middle daughter) and Amber (my youngest daughter) to the park so that my oldest daughter, Sierra, could work on her Sea Turtle project. While at the park Amber (2.5 yrs) decided to climb the climbing wall and while climbing she kept brushing me away and insisting:

I’m not a baby mom…. I’m not a baby!



Man – I know I sound like a broken record, but I really wish I could make time stand still. My girls are growing up way to fast.

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday: I Wish I Could Make Time Stand Still


Last week I got to spend the day with my youngest daughter, Amber. She had been sent home from daycare the day before because she was running a fever, so I had to take a day off of work to care for her.

We had such a great day together!

As I pulled her around the block on her sled, I came to the realization that it was likely that last time I would ever pull one of my toddlers around the block in the snow. So I pulled her around four times and worked up one helluva sweat. We giggled and laughed the whole time, and I didn’t care that it was work.

Kids grow up so damn fast.

I tried to think back to the last time I pulled Sierra and Brooke around the block – I vaguely remembered a time when I pulled the two of them in a chain on their sleds, while holding the leash of our now-deceased dog, Molly. That day was a distant memory, just as my day with Amber last week will soon be a distant memory.

I wish I could make time stand still, don’t you?

10 seconds is a long time to hold a handstand

My friend, and Ragnar Relay teammate, Running Rachel has a fun Friday series on her blog: The Friday Handstand Challenge! Basically, you do a handstand and have someone take a picture of you doing it, then post it on your blog.

Now I don’t really have anyone to take my picture, so I put my camera up on a shelf, cleared some furniture out of the way, then set the timer.  Did you know that 10 seconds is an incredibly long time to hold a handstand?  My arms are killing me!


It wasn’t smooth sailing though… Here’s a few pics of my other attempts:


Happy (handstand) Friday!