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David Beckham’s Love Child

Kick, kick, kick…. Poke, poke, poke…. Squirm….

This baby does not ever stop moving! I swear that David Beckham was a very busy guy last February because based on how much this baby kicks I’m having his love child!

Actually, in all seriousness, I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where the novelty of being the giver of life has completely worn off and I’m ready for this baby to come out of me, even if it is David’s love child. I’ve had the cute kicks, and have watched weird lumps under my skin roll around. I’m now looking forward to being able to take a deep breath, sleep (as broken up as it will be) on my stomach, walk without my back hurting, and be able to wipe myself without worrying that either my water just broke or bending over just squeezed more pee out of me.

The baby daddy?
I’m tired.. ALL THE TIME! My nausea disappeared several months ago, so from that perspective I feel a 100 times better – but I know that once the baby is born (and I’ve fully recovered) that my body will feel even more better.

But alas – I have several weeks left to go, maybe even as many as 7 (though I’ve never made it to 40 weeks). Yes 7 long hard weeks to go until we get to meet David Beckham’s love child. *Sigh* I hope these weeks go by quickly!

Athlete of the Week

!@(sports_argos.gif: popimg: “Argos”) Ok – this week I’ve chosen an entire team to be the ‘Cosmo Grrl Athlete of The Week’ ’cause the Argos certainly deserve it! The Toronto Argonauts earned the right to play in the Canadian Football League championship game (AKA The Grey Cup) in Ottawa on Sunday after beating the Montreal Alouettes 26-18 yesterday at Olympic Stadium. The Argos will meet the B.C. Lions, who beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 27-25 earlier yesterday at B.C. Place. Go ARRRRRRRRRGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmo Grrl -> Athlete of the Week

Twice repaired through short-term surgical improvisation, Schilling’s right ankle was sturdy enough for him to stop the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2 of the World Series last night at Fenway Park. Baseball’s best postseason pitcher worked six impressive innings in the Red Sox’s victory, this though it wasn’t entirely clear he would be able to pitch at all.

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I totally have newfound respect for pitcher Curt Schilling. I can only imagine how painful it is to pitch on an ankle that you’ve just had stitched up. As well, I think it’s very professional of him to suck it up to help out his team. My peroneal tendon “snaps” over my lateral malleolus too – and I must say it can be painful – though I haven’t had it happen in quite some time (they did it more often right after I got my cast off of my ankle). Curt Schilling is Cosmo Grrl’s “Athlete of the Week”

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