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Show me your sweaty happy face, and I’ll show you mine…

Finding the motivation to exercise isn’t very easy… Especially in the middle of winter.  Who wants to bundle and layer up every single piece of work out clothing you own just to go for an icy run?  But the thing is once you’re out there, or after you’re done, you feel SOOOOOOOO much better about yourself, don’t you?  I know I do.

This is why I’ve begun to take pictures of myself either during a workout:

Sweaty Happy Face

 Or immediately after:


To have that permanent reminder on my phone of how good a workout makes me feel.  That way the next time I have a bad case of the “I don’t wannas” I can look at my camera roll on my phone, see all of my sweaty happy faces and say – oh yeah!  That’s why I run/swim/spin/lift.

Show me your sweaty happy face, and I’ll show you mine – just tweet with the tag #sweatyface.


10 seconds is a long time to hold a handstand

My friend, and Ragnar Relay teammate, Running Rachel has a fun Friday series on her blog: The Friday Handstand Challenge! Basically, you do a handstand and have someone take a picture of you doing it, then post it on your blog.

Now I don’t really have anyone to take my picture, so I put my camera up on a shelf, cleared some furniture out of the way, then set the timer.  Did you know that 10 seconds is an incredibly long time to hold a handstand?  My arms are killing me!


It wasn’t smooth sailing though… Here’s a few pics of my other attempts:


Happy (handstand) Friday!