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Show me your sweaty happy face, and I’ll show you mine…

Finding the motivation to exercise isn’t very easy… Especially in the middle of winter.  Who wants to bundle and layer up every single piece of work out clothing you own just to go for an icy run?  But the thing is once you’re out there, or after you’re done, you feel SOOOOOOOO much better about yourself, don’t you?  I know I do.

This is why I’ve begun to take pictures of myself either during a workout:

Sweaty Happy Face

 Or immediately after:


To have that permanent reminder on my phone of how good a workout makes me feel.  That way the next time I have a bad case of the “I don’t wannas” I can look at my camera roll on my phone, see all of my sweaty happy faces and say – oh yeah!  That’s why I run/swim/spin/lift.

Show me your sweaty happy face, and I’ll show you mine – just tweet with the tag #sweatyface.


Eat Clean and Move More

So I’m at that point – the point that kick starts many of us back into a fitness routine for a few months… My work pants are getting small-er on me and I have a choice:

  1. Buy new pants
  2. Eat cleaner and move more.

Since I’m broke – I’m going with option #2 so I started with yesterday’s dinner – spinach salad and a grilled chicken breast:

Spinach Salad and Chicken

I’m also packing my lunches, skipping the cream and sugar in my coffee (which admittedly is taking some getting used to), and also skipping my mid-morning muffin habit.

This week my fitness plan is:

Monday: Spinning at lunch
Tuesday: 6k run at lunch
Wednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 6k run at lunch
Friday: 8k run at lunch, Swimming after the kids go to bed
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 14k run

PS – here’s a great tutorial I found on how to blow the perfect snot rocket:


Question sharing: What’s your workout plan for this week?

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I’m Still Running Around

Happy New Year everyone! I just realised that I haven’t written here since November – OY! How quickly time slips away from me! I feel like I should get back to writing here and chronicling my training and daily life on a more regular basis.  And yes – I have still been running, I just haven’t been blogging about it – Proof:

TWBA 606

This year I have quite a few racing goals, including one super BIG exciting one: I’m going to California to race with 11 other bloggers in the Ragnar Southern California Relay! I’m also doing two half-marathons (the Chilly Half that I last wrote about, and Scotia Bank Toronto in the fall), plus an Olympic distance and a Sprint distance triathlon.

This is all very exciting stuff for a working mom of three little girls – I never get to go anywhere! I’ve never done a destination race! I’ve never done a relay race! But in a few short months all of those dreams will be coming true as I get to run/race on the Ragnar So Cal Blogger team with some folks whose blogs I stalk quite often:


See what I mean? What a super cool running bunch of bloggers!

I wonder if we’ll sit in the vans talking about WordPress plugins or if we’ll talk training and running tactics?

This year I’m also going to officially become a triathlete – Perhaps I should change my blog name? Mom on the swim, bike and run? I’ve been recruited to be on the Ontario Women’s Triathlon Committee – Along with another triathlete I do their marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and Website – in fact I designed this year’s website! Go visit and check it out: With the marketing of the triathlon comes participation in the race and the training clinics we host. Meeting with the founding board every month makes it really hard NOT to catch the triathlon bug – the ladies are about 20 years older than me and are in such GREAT shape from their years of training that they can totally kick my butt at any running race distance. They are so inspiring! And truthfully – they LOOK great too – so young, vibrant and full of energy.

All in all this year looks like it holds some really amazing stuff for me – races, travel, meet ups etc. I can’t wait!

Happy 2013 Everyone!