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Introducing the Fitness Cheerleader Walk and Tone mp3 Workout!

I’ve always gotten a large amount of joy out of playing sports and being active. In fact running has been my cure for depression and I highly recommend taking a learn-to-run clinic to anyone who’s feeling blue. With how much I’ve enjoyed being active, I’ve always wanted to inspire others to be active too, as I know how much it’s helped me. I’ve purchased a bike for my dad, have done a mother/daughter 5k walk with my mom, and have encouraged countless friends to take up running and walking. I then created Fitness Cheerleader so I could inspire others outside of my immediate circle of friends and family, and have greatly enjoyed motivating others by leading through example, sharing health and fitness articles and by sending out motivational emails each week to my small list of subscribers. The part that has surprised me the most, is how much all of you inspire ME! There is no way I would still be running at 27 wks preggo without the kind words of encouragement my friends!

Fitness Cheerleader's Walk and Tone mp3 WorkoutI’ve now decided to take Fitness Cheerleader to a new level and start selling workout mp3’s. Last week I recorded my first walk and tone workout mp3 that is set to 90’s dance music. Through voice commands, my voice leads you through an upper body strengthening program while you walk. Why? Combining strength moves with cardio allows you to burn more calories in the same amount of time, and building muscle causes you to burn more calories at rest. Win-win! (You can read more about the workout in my article: How to Shred Fat Faster By Walking). In the future I plan to add an 80’s Dance Music version, and a learn-to-run 5K program to offer to you.

I’ve now have uploaded my first mp3 (Fitness Cheerleader’s Walk and Tone mp3 Workout) to Fitness Cheerleader and have made it available for purchase. Several friends have already downloaded it, tried it, and have reviewed it publicly on their blogs. And guess what? They LOVE IT! Here’s what Scarlett had to say about it:

Today I tried this mp3 out for the first time and WOW! I feel incredible. It can be done outside or on a treadmill. For you pedometer wearers, I reset mine right before I began the workout and got almost 3,400 steps! This was just me walking around my house. I probably wasn’t covering as much ground as I would outside, so I would say I could get almost 4,000 if I were outside and not sick! The music is 90?s dance music, which brings back so many memories and gets me moving. In addition, my 4 year old son got out his 2 pound weights and walked with me. He LOVED the music – particularly the “Move it, Move it” song. I can already tell my arms are going to be a little sore tomorrow! Thanks, Fitness Cheerleader!

Chelle also liked it, and gave me some honest criticism about my voice overs, which I’m in the process of fixing and will send a replacement copy to everyone who’s downloaded it:

I did this workout on my treadmill but it could easily be done outside. You do need some weights. I used my 3lb weights and started walking. I had to smile when the music started, it is dance music from the 90?s, I felt so young and it also reminded what I was working towards! So I knew the tunes, then Janice encourages and guides you through each exercise. The MP3 is 40 minutes and I was totally burning once I got going. My arms are sore today! I also realized I need to pay more attention to my triceps, ouch!

I’ll even be doing the workout myself as I progress through the last 10-13 weeks of this pregnancy, and will continue to do it as a gentle post-natal workout (I’ll probably walk with baby asleep in an infant carrier or sling).

I really hope you’ll try my mp3 workout – it’s a great way to be healthy, build strength and tone your arms while walking. It’s safe enough to be done as a pre or post-natal workout, and is a great activity to do on off days or while recovering from injuries.

I’m having a special introductory sale on the Fitness Cheerleader Walk and Tone mp3 Workout! Right now you can get it for $3.99 – LESS than a trip to Starbucks! (use coupon code LAUNCH, for a limited time, regularly $4.99).

(If you are a subscriber to my Fitness Cheerleader newsletter you are automatically entered to win a copy – I’ll be giving away one copy every month for the next couple of months!)

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So Close Yet So Far Away – How do I Prevent PPD?

Last year I wrote extensively about the “Fog in my Head” and how I couldn’t focus and how I felt sad, angry etc… Since then, a lot has changed. Hubby hasn’t been travelling near as much (woot!), I’ve gotten back to my running, and I’ve really found joy in my life (with more “joy” due to join us in 16 short weeks). I never realized how much my “fog” impaired my ability to do anything until it started to roll away.

My brain has been a lot clearer lately and hubby and I have finally begun to tackle a lot of things we’ve neglected over the past few yrs (getting caught up on our taxes, bringing the kids to the dentist, sorting & disposing of clutter, and beginning a debt repayment plan). While it feels awesome to be in control of our lives again, it’s also made it abundantly apparent to us how much more work we have to do to finish cleaning up from that foggy storm. I have many friends I need to re-connect with, I have lots more organizing and clutter to sort etc… I really hope I can get it all taken care of before more “joy” enters our lives. We’re so close, yet so far away because I’m so afraid that the fog that is PPD will roll back in.

Have you suffered from PPD from one baby, but not subsequent babies? How did you prevent it from coming back? Is it possible to set up a support system ahead of time to prevent it? I’d love your feedback and ideas because I’m bound and determined to not disappear into my fog again!

Things Every Active Mommy Needs

Yanno, it doesn’t matter if you play tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, run, walk, do yogo, pilates, or lift weights etc… We all need some basic things to keep us active and healthy:

• Rest
• Water
• Proper nutrition
• Support of family/friends

And as I’m now learning, all active mommies need a good Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist (and maybe even a good Registered Massage Therapist too).

FIVE weeks ago (after I ran the Harry’s Spring Run-Off 5k) I hurt my foot. Actually both of my feet – I have bilateral (meaning both sides) plantar fasciitis (aka heel spurs). This basically means that when I walk barefoot it feels like someone is stabbing the bottom of my heels with sharp daggers. It’s freaking painful!!!!!!! I’ve been hopping around and “resting” for five weeks, sadly it’s NOT getting better L Not running is driving me my family CRAZY! I’m a nasty, nasty person when I can’t run and I can feel my grey clouds returning – arrgh! Depression – I hate you!

Two weeks ago I gave in went and saw my friend Barb who’s both an Athletic Therapist (she and I went to school together) and a Physiotherapist. She’s awesome! My feet feel better already! Woot! In addition to her awesome treatments twice a week, she’s given me exercises to do at home to help – like massaging my feet on a soup can, stretching my calves and icing my heals. Also, today my feet are being molded for custom orthotics (dear awesome work benefit plan – I LOVE you!). I’m slowly getting better and Barb is also workign with me to correct the underlying causes of my injury (balance, strength, flexibility, biomechanics etc…).

I’ve now decided that all athletes need a good team of medical help to keep us active. They say it takes a village to raise a child, right? Well guess what? It also takes a village to raise an athlete :)

NOTE: I generally lean in the direction of an Athletic Therapist (Athletic Trainer as they’re called in the US instead of a Physiotherapist). I may be a bit biased though because my educational background is in Athletic Therapy – I completed the program, all of my volunteer and clinical hours and never wrote my CATA or NATA certification exams. I still kick myself for not following through because as I’ve gotten older I now realize what a great fit Athletic Therapy was for me and how my desk job doesn’t satisfy all of my needs. Perhaps when my kids are in school full-time I can convince hubby to let me go back to school and complete my Physiotherapy degree…