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You Are What You Eat

And apparently my girls are made out of chocolate.

Sierra and Brooke will only drink chocolate milk.  I’ve tried white milk, water and a million different kinds of juices – but all they ever want is chocolate “milkies”.  Unfortunately they drink so much of it that they barely eat any food (or is refusing to eat simply a girl thing?).  I never realized how much of it they were drinking until today…

Brooke had diarrhoea this afternoon – and I swear on my life that it had the colour, consistency and smell of milk chocolate syrup.  My kid pooped pure chocolate syrup. 


  I will NEVER eat another chocolate sundae again!

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Mommy – I Have To Pee!

Every once in a while, just turned 18 month old Brooke will do something that absolutely astonishes me.  Usually it’s something she’s picked up from watching others.  The other day, a car pulled up next to me in the parking lot as I was getting her out of the car.  As soon as she saw the parent come out of the car she started screaming: "Aura, Aura, Aura!!!".  I looked around – I couldn’t figure out what had gotten her so excited and worked up.  I continued with my mission to drop her off and get my butt to work so that my ass doesn’t get fired.  Then the parent came in and I realized that it was Brooke’s friend Laura’s dad who had parked next to me – she had recognized her dad.  Wow!  Not only could she say and remember her friend’s name, but she also recognized her friend’s parent before I did.  My daughter is not just another pretty face:

Just when I thought she couldn’t shock me any further she turned around and asked to use the potty.  Yes, you read that right.  She "asked" in her own way to use the potty.

In our basement we have a potty for our 3.5 yr old daughter, Sierra.  We’ve left it down there for her to use at her leisure otherwise she won’t tear herself away from the TV or whatever toy has her attention to go pee.  Tonight Brooke went over to it and sat on it, as she often does.  She stood up obviously frustrated and pulling at her pants: "–is, –is, –is"  (Translation: This, This, This).  She wanted her pants off.  So I pulled them off and her diaper too.  She sat down and got that same look on her face when she poops – a strange look of concentration and exertion (if you have young children then you have definitely seen this look before).  She sat for about a minute, then stood upn- lo and behold!  Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Holy crap!  She freaking peed!

Now what?  Do I pursue this?  She’s awfully young, as her older sister only expressed potty interest less than a year ago. What would you do?  Advice people!  I need advice!

My Daughter Is Awesome

See this sweet awesome little girl:








Well guess what she did yesterday?  Give up yet?

She kicked me out of the washroom so she could have some "privacy".  Curious, I stood outside of the bathroom door and listened.  Hey!  it’s not snooping – I just needed to make sure she was ok.  Anyways, I heard her pull her pants down, pee, flush, pull her pants up then wash her hands.  I was amazed!  My little girl is growing up!