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How To Fit 3 Car Seats In 1 Car

You know the saying: “Two minds are better than one”? Well did you know 35 minds (because that’s how many views I had of my post about carseats yesterday) are way better than two? Hubby and I have been debating how to get three kids into our vehicles ever since he waved that magic stick with a “+” on it 16 weeks ago. Yes – I said “he” because he was the one who dipped the stick into a cup. I really couldn’t tell you how many hours hubby’s spent analyzing our finances, budgets and researching various makes and models of 7-seater SUV’s* to solve our dilemma.

Anyways, Liz @ Loving Mom of Two Boys responded to me came to my rescue and said she was looking into getting Sunshine Kids Seats when her newest addition joins her family (Congrats Liz!).

Look at this pic! These car seats have a narrow base and can fit three across a mid-sized sedan (I’d consider my Santa Fe & hubby’s Mazda 6 both to be mid-sized).

3 car seats in one car!

My kids are small, I hate to admit this but 5 year old, Sierra, weighs 34lbs and my almost 3 year old, Brooke, weighs a whopping 25lbs. So this is the perfect solution for us. I considered having both girls in boosters, but because we do long car trips to visit family frequently, and both girls fall asleep in their seats a seat that will hold them upright is a better match for us. $900 in car seats vs 5 yrs of $400 +/month in car payments…. This is a no-brainer to me! And look how cute the fabric is:

I’ll probably get the grey because I’m conservative like that even though the pink is so adorable (and my girls would love it). Actually the pink is so cute I’m almost tempted to find out the sex of this baby at my 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound tomorrow, even though I PROMISED my hubby Mr. Old School I wouldn’t find out. Gosh it’s killing me not to know who’s hiccupping in there!

Anyways – thanks again Liz for your awesome suggestion! I’ve researched and have found that the Bay Department Store across from my work carries these so I can scout them out now (or maybe if I’m lucky Sunshine Kids will send me one to review and therefore ease some of the expense of expanding our family…).

PS – Special thanks to Emma and Marisa for their suggestion to check out where I learned that I only need 2 Sunshine Kids car seats and can use my existing Graco in the center rear-facing for the baby.

* I am not a mini-van kind of gal – I may be a washed up former cutie now that I’m gonna have three kids, but I will never ever drive a Caravan, Sedona etc… Yes, you can call me a snob ‘cause it really doesn’t bother me at all.

So Close Yet So Far Away – How do I Prevent PPD?

Last year I wrote extensively about the “Fog in my Head” and how I couldn’t focus and how I felt sad, angry etc… Since then, a lot has changed. Hubby hasn’t been travelling near as much (woot!), I’ve gotten back to my running, and I’ve really found joy in my life (with more “joy” due to join us in 16 short weeks). I never realized how much my “fog” impaired my ability to do anything until it started to roll away.

My brain has been a lot clearer lately and hubby and I have finally begun to tackle a lot of things we’ve neglected over the past few yrs (getting caught up on our taxes, bringing the kids to the dentist, sorting & disposing of clutter, and beginning a debt repayment plan). While it feels awesome to be in control of our lives again, it’s also made it abundantly apparent to us how much more work we have to do to finish cleaning up from that foggy storm. I have many friends I need to re-connect with, I have lots more organizing and clutter to sort etc… I really hope I can get it all taken care of before more “joy” enters our lives. We’re so close, yet so far away because I’m so afraid that the fog that is PPD will roll back in.

Have you suffered from PPD from one baby, but not subsequent babies? How did you prevent it from coming back? Is it possible to set up a support system ahead of time to prevent it? I’d love your feedback and ideas because I’m bound and determined to not disappear into my fog again!

Random Thoughts from My Workday

In case you’ve been mislead into thinking I’ve been busy by my lack of posting here, I thought I would share with you some random thoughts I had today while at work:

9:10 am – Man I’m hungry! I wonder if my manager would mind if I took my lunch break now?
10:44 am – Am I the only mother with a pair of her two year old’s clean underwear and spare pants in her purse?
12:04 pm – Crap! It’s lunch time and I ate all of my food three hours ago L
1:37 pm – Is it possible to sleep sitting up staring at a computer screen? How do I prevent my screen saver from coming on?
2:14 pm – I wonder when Microsoft will change the save icon from the floppy disk? Isn’t the floppy disk image rather old? I bet my 5 year old daughter has no freaking clue what that is a picture of! I wonder what they’ll replace it with? A picture of a hard drive? A USB key? Hmmmmm….
3:30 pm – Damn! I’m REALLY hungry – why couldn’t it be someone’s birthday today? I could REALLY use some cake….
4:30 pm – Yay! Time to go home! Woot!