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How Do You Fit 3 Car Seats Into 1 Car?

Me - Zooming to work in my Santa Fe :)
I drive a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe that I love, love, love! Yes it’s old, and yes the kids have spilled sticky weird things all over it, and yes it has a very funky smell inside – but I’m sure a trip to a car detailing place to have it cleaned and shampooed will take care of all of that. The best part – we own it. Yep – we finished paying it off two yrs ago and it has been cheap driving ever since – unlike my hubby’s 2007 Mazda 6 that he gifted himself for Christmas after I gave him socks & underwear. Hubby’s POS car cost us $8 grand in repairs this past spring!!! (We had to replace the engine on it exactly TWO WEEKS after the warranty expired). Obviously I’m no longer a fan of Mazda ‘cause the 8 grand could have been used to stop my damn bathroom from leaking into my kitchen….

My Santa Fe has been super reliable, besides oil changes, tires and brakes my “truck” hasn’t cost us a dime. BUT… (‘cause there’s always a but) we have a third child on the way and we have no idea how to fit an infant carrier, a booster seat and a car seat in the bench seat across the back. So we’re stuck with a dilemma:

* Do we try to squish the three seats in?
* Do we buy a new 7-seater (SUV, Cross-over or the dreaded Mini-van)?
* Do we lease a new vehicle?
* Do we take over a lease of a vehicle, then buy it?
* Do we keep our beloved Santa fe or trade it in?

We need to come up with an answer soon too ‘cause I’m now at the half-way point of my pregnancy (yes – already!). Summer will go by fast and before we know it we’ll be on baby count down!

So here are my questions for all those moms of three out there:

* Do you have any tips on fitting three seats across the back bench of a vehicle?
* If you drive a seven + seater:
* What vehicle do you drive?
* Do you like your vehicle?

Maybe Blogging About It Will Make It Seem Real

Folks I have some breaking news for you….

I’m pregnant.

Yes – this’ll be baby #3. Yes – we’re insane. Yes, I’ve been slow to tell you because basically I’ve been in denial.

You know why I haven’t told you? It’s because I’m scared.

I’m scared of postpartum depression. I feel like I *just* recovered from the last baby, even though she’s turning three years old in a month. I’m so scared of the grey cloudy fog in my head, that I didn’t really tell anyone. We told my parents on Mother’s Day and hubby’s parents the weekend after. I told work last week only because they figured it out on their own and a certain individual pressured me into telling.

I’m so not into this pregnancy thing. ‘Cause I also hate the attention it brings. I hate people judging everything I eat and do. I hate people telling me I shouldn’t run, or questioning whether I should be exercising. And most of all I hate the attention it brings. It embarrasses me.

Yeah, yeah – I have a blog so you would think I’d be a “look at me” kind of person – but truthfully in real life I’m not really. Take for instance 2 months ago when I ran the kick ass 5K in 25:26 – I didn’t tell a single soul at work about it.

Anyways – now my “secret” is out. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and due Remembrance day (should be easy to remember, right?). Baby will probably make a fast entrance prior to then because Sierra was 4 weeks early and born in 5 hours, and Brooke was 2 weeks early and born in 3.5 hours.

Here’s my baby “bump”:

(It kind of looks more like I’m super bloated, and if you block out the belly you can’t even tell).

April Fools!


Baby #2 is going to be a joker! He/She decided to play a little joke on mommy & daddy early Sunday morning. Rob and I pulled up to Oakville Memorial Hospital at 1 am with me having strong contractions that were lasting almost 1 min, ocurring every 3 min. They were powerful enough to cause me to be sick to my stomach – and that’s pretty strong ’cause I have a pretty strong pain threshold. Abby, my midwife, hooked me up to a fetal monitor and was able to monitor the contractions with it. Then Abby asked me how much I’d had to drink on Saturday – ummmm – hmmmmm – not a heck of a lot. A tea… a drinking box…. a glass of water…. I was dehydrated. Apparently dehydration causes contractions (and other gastro-intestinal problems – I’ll be nice and spare ya the deets). After drinking a REALLY big water and a REALLY big (awful) ginger ale the contractions subsided and Abby let us all go home.