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Baby Games

Ok – ever since I read that you can feel your baby move at 16 weeks I’ve been anxiously awaiting the kicks. And waiting, and waiting and waiting. 8 weeks have gone by people! EIGHT! 😯 I was starting to think there was something seriously wrong with my kid … That is until last night. First off – I must admit I don’t normally eat a double chocolate sundae before going to bed – really I don’t :mrgreen: But I’m glad I did cause here’s what happened:

I got in bed and nestled myself between my not one, but two body pillows (I like getting molested from the front AND back…). I laid on my left side like a good little mommy so that I don’t kill Cosmo Baby. All of a sudden I felt: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. So I rolled onto my other side: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. So I rolled back onto my left: poke, poke, poke… then nothing…. The poor thing – for some weird reason :mrgreen: Cosmo Baby just couldn’t seem to get comfortable in there – tee hee :mrgreen: Is it wrong that I enjoyed torturing the kid like that?

Booster Juice

No – this post isn’t about juice. I’m sorry if I’ve misled you – instead this is about my ego. All about me, me, me! Today I got a HUGE boost to my ego. Yep – I no longer look fat. No one asked me how my running was going while slyly suggesting I should get back into it. Nope. Instead, 3 – count ’em 1 – 2 -3 people patted my belly and asked me when I’m due! Yay! I can’t beleive I’m actually happy about strangers touching my tummy – but it sure beats people telling me that I look fat, right mom?

How Bad Am I?

!@(LNYQQ.jpg popimg: “Betty Crocker Whipped Vanilla Frosting”)That I couldn’t wait for CosmoBoy to leave the house this morning to run errands so that I could cosy up on the couch to watch The O.C. that I taped on Thursday night, along with a sppon and a container of Betty Crocker Whipped Vanilla Frosting. Mmmmm … Frosting!