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Head Down Low, Ready To Go !

Five and a half years ago, my OB told me at my 35 week appointment that our baby was “Head down low, ready to go!”. Hubby and I weren’t quite sure what that meant, and din’t really put much thought into it – how long will a baby sit in position until they’re born? It could be a month right?

One week later (at 36 weeks gestation), I sat up from a nap, suddenly having the urge to pee – as I sat up I peed myself, or so I thought… 20 min later I started having contractions, and more fluid leaked with each contraction… four short hours later we welcomed our beautiful (but small) daughter, Sierra into our family.

Today I had my 36 week midwife appointment. Guess what she told me? This baby is also “head down low, ready to go”. It could be any day – it could be a month from now.

I’m not taking chances.

  • My bag is packed.
  • My diaper bag is packed.
  • The infant seat is installed.
  • I got a beautiful new haircut, hi-lites and lo-lites. It looks AWESOME!
  • I have lots of help lined up to look after Sierra and Brooke when I go into labour.
  • My house is spotless somewhat clean.
  • My cell phone is charged.
  • There’s a full tank of gas in my van.

We’re ready baby!

How much do you want to bet that because we’re all ready, baby will arrive in a month from now, right on it’s due date?

10 Signs That Your Pregnancy Is Almost Over

Since this is my third child, I feel that I’m somewhat of an expert on determining when a pregnancy is almost over:

  1. Your shirts no longer cover your belly
  2. Your pants and underwear no longer fit
  3. Your husband starts to help out around the house (well… sort of)
  4. You feed your family dinner from a heat and serve can – every night
  5. You can no longer reach the keyboard on your laptop (meaning you have to tap out blog posts on your iPhone, iPod or Blackberry)
  6. Your dog/cat suddenly gets very protective of you (and very cuddly which you find incredibly annoying)
  7. You can no longer reach around your belly to wipe when going to the bathroom
  8. Cleaning the house means grabbing an industrial broom and sweeping all of your older children’s toys into a pile in the corner
  9. Your super long toenails that you haven’t been able to reach for 3 months begin to put holes in your socks
  10. Everyone in your family has to sleep without a pillow because your using them all

Are there any other signs I missed?

Who Would Have Ever Thought Low Blood Pressure Could Be A Problem During Pregnancy?

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve felt dizzy, fatigued, short of breath and have had trouble concentrating. At times I have a rapid heart rate and find myself almost hyperventilating trying to get enough oxygen. It’s really not fun and causes me a TON of anxiety. Panic attacks & low blood pressure don’t mix well. I have low blood pressure – not slightly below normal low, but super low, like 80/50 low. I’m not sure what causes this, and it’s really not a cause for concern when it comes to the baby, or me – unlike high blood pressure which is dangerous.

It just sucks.

I hate feeling tired, dizzy, nauseas, and out of breath. When I try to lay down and sleep, baby slids up a bit & places pressure on my lungs making it harder to breathe. I then have a panic attack and have to sit up to try and catch my breath. I’m sleeping on my side on top of what the girls call “Pillow Mountain”. Half-sitting, half lying. Not sleeping well at all. My midwife told me today that in 22 short days baby is free to come out. To just hang in there for 22 more days – then I’m free to try whatever natural technique I want to start labor. Raspberry Leaf Tea, Evening Primrose Oil, walking (though I’m already walking 10 km +/week and that isn’t doing anything), and my favourite (cover your eyes mom) sex.

What have you done to start labor? What worked? What hasn’t worked? In 22 days from now I’ll be ready to try EVERYTHING!