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I Could Get Used to This…

Last week Friday was my last day of work… I’m now on Maternity Leave for 1 whole year!  (Being Canadian is AWESOME!).

Truthfully my last leave wasn’t all that fun – a terrible two year old, a baby who would only sleep in two hour spurts at night and a hubby who was either travelling or severely jet-lagged wasn’t what I had anticipated… But I lived through it.

While this time I’ll have 3 kids to care for, the girls will be 3 and 5, and play very, very well together.  They’re each other’s best friends AND they BOTH sleep through the night! Hubby doesn’t *think* he’ll be travelling as much, though only time will tell.

This first week home has been AMAZING!  I’ve had so much fun with the girls already, and it’s great that they’re older – they can do more things with me AND they can do more without me.  We can do more advanced arts & crafts, and they play well with friends at playdates.  The girls enjoy helping me cook and bake and they even enjoy helping me out at the grocery store (as long as we’re only getting a few things).

Monday: I had a midwife appointment, so I brought the girls – they played nicely together & enjoyed hearing baby’s heartbeat (it sounds like a train mom!), then we went to Toys R Us, McDonald’s & Chapters
Tuesday: Sierra had school and Brooke went to daycare – I spent the day visiting friends I hadn`t seen in a while
Wednesday: Took the girls to the park, had a nice lunch with them, they helped me clean up for a friend who brought her two kids over for a playdate – they played very well together & required very little supervision
Thursday:Sierra had school and Brooke went to daycare – Sierra`s class had a Halloween Parade, so Brooke and I stayed for that, then I dropped Brooke off afterwards, and I then spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping (took me 2 hours to waddle around the store to buy a week`s worth of groceries).
Friday/Today: Gonna take the gilrs shopping for some household things we need (ie: “big girl cups” because I’m tossing all of the sippy’s), we’ll bake some cookies, go to the park and fly kites, then cook dinner together

Truthfully – if every week is as enjoyable as this week has been, then I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to work!

Head Down Low, Ready To Go !

Five and a half years ago, my OB told me at my 35 week appointment that our baby was “Head down low, ready to go!”. Hubby and I weren’t quite sure what that meant, and din’t really put much thought into it – how long will a baby sit in position until they’re born? It could be a month right?

One week later (at 36 weeks gestation), I sat up from a nap, suddenly having the urge to pee – as I sat up I peed myself, or so I thought… 20 min later I started having contractions, and more fluid leaked with each contraction… four short hours later we welcomed our beautiful (but small) daughter, Sierra into our family.

Today I had my 36 week midwife appointment. Guess what she told me? This baby is also “head down low, ready to go”. It could be any day – it could be a month from now.

I’m not taking chances.

  • My bag is packed.
  • My diaper bag is packed.
  • The infant seat is installed.
  • I got a beautiful new haircut, hi-lites and lo-lites. It looks AWESOME!
  • I have lots of help lined up to look after Sierra and Brooke when I go into labour.
  • My house is spotless somewhat clean.
  • My cell phone is charged.
  • There’s a full tank of gas in my van.

We’re ready baby!

How much do you want to bet that because we’re all ready, baby will arrive in a month from now, right on it’s due date?

10 Signs That Your Pregnancy Is Almost Over

Since this is my third child, I feel that I’m somewhat of an expert on determining when a pregnancy is almost over:

  1. Your shirts no longer cover your belly
  2. Your pants and underwear no longer fit
  3. Your husband starts to help out around the house (well… sort of)
  4. You feed your family dinner from a heat and serve can – every night
  5. You can no longer reach the keyboard on your laptop (meaning you have to tap out blog posts on your iPhone, iPod or Blackberry)
  6. Your dog/cat suddenly gets very protective of you (and very cuddly which you find incredibly annoying)
  7. You can no longer reach around your belly to wipe when going to the bathroom
  8. Cleaning the house means grabbing an industrial broom and sweeping all of your older children’s toys into a pile in the corner
  9. Your super long toenails that you haven’t been able to reach for 3 months begin to put holes in your socks
  10. Everyone in your family has to sleep without a pillow because your using them all

Are there any other signs I missed?