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Who Would Have Ever Thought Low Blood Pressure Could Be A Problem During Pregnancy?

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve felt dizzy, fatigued, short of breath and have had trouble concentrating. At times I have a rapid heart rate and find myself almost hyperventilating trying to get enough oxygen. It’s really not fun and causes me a TON of anxiety. Panic attacks & low blood pressure don’t mix well. I have low blood pressure – not slightly below normal low, but super low, like 80/50 low. I’m not sure what causes this, and it’s really not a cause for concern when it comes to the baby, or me – unlike high blood pressure which is dangerous.

It just sucks.

I hate feeling tired, dizzy, nauseas, and out of breath. When I try to lay down and sleep, baby slids up a bit & places pressure on my lungs making it harder to breathe. I then have a panic attack and have to sit up to try and catch my breath. I’m sleeping on my side on top of what the girls call “Pillow Mountain”. Half-sitting, half lying. Not sleeping well at all. My midwife told me today that in 22 short days baby is free to come out. To just hang in there for 22 more days – then I’m free to try whatever natural technique I want to start labor. Raspberry Leaf Tea, Evening Primrose Oil, walking (though I’m already walking 10 km +/week and that isn’t doing anything), and my favourite (cover your eyes mom) sex.

What have you done to start labor? What worked? What hasn’t worked? In 22 days from now I’ll be ready to try EVERYTHING!

I Saw Our Baby

I’m not much of a dreamer… Well I day-dream, but I don’t dream at night. If I do dream I don’t generally remember it. But last night was different. I had an incredibly vivid dream where I SAW our baby! I swear – it was her! We don’t even know what we’re having – but in my dream it was HER! It was AMBER. (And of course she was adorable).

I dreamt I went into labor – it was a weekday about 2 weeks before I’m due. It was in the morning and both the girls were away – Sierra at school and Brooke at daycare. I called hubby & took a cab to the hospital. Hubby and my midwives met me there. I labored for an hour (I walk around when I’m laboring) then felt dizzy from my low blood pressure, so I laid down on the birthing bed. The midwives said I was transitioning and I began pushing shortly after. My dream kind of gets fuzzy at that point and re-starts about an hour later. I’m in recovery – no longer pregnant, without a lot of perineum pain, and baby is in hubby’s arms – they’re cuddling in a rocking chair. I ask him what happened. He replies that I passed out, but baby was far enough in the birth canal that the midwives were able to pull her out, without tearing my perineum – therefore no episiotomy. Hubby asks if I want to hold her and try nursing her. I say yes – he hands her to me and take some of her blankets off – she’s beautiful – has hair like Sierra and a face like Brooke. Hubby has already told everyone that we’re naming her Amber…. Then I woke up.

It was all a dream – a very, very vivid dream.

Have you ever had a very vivid dream about your baby while you were pregnant? Did the dream come true? Is this perhaps a glimpse into the future? Did you SEE your baby when you were pregnant?

David Beckham’s Love Child

Kick, kick, kick…. Poke, poke, poke…. Squirm….

This baby does not ever stop moving! I swear that David Beckham was a very busy guy last February because based on how much this baby kicks I’m having his love child!

Actually, in all seriousness, I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where the novelty of being the giver of life has completely worn off and I’m ready for this baby to come out of me, even if it is David’s love child. I’ve had the cute kicks, and have watched weird lumps under my skin roll around. I’m now looking forward to being able to take a deep breath, sleep (as broken up as it will be) on my stomach, walk without my back hurting, and be able to wipe myself without worrying that either my water just broke or bending over just squeezed more pee out of me.

The baby daddy?
I’m tired.. ALL THE TIME! My nausea disappeared several months ago, so from that perspective I feel a 100 times better – but I know that once the baby is born (and I’ve fully recovered) that my body will feel even more better.

But alas – I have several weeks left to go, maybe even as many as 7 (though I’ve never made it to 40 weeks). Yes 7 long hard weeks to go until we get to meet David Beckham’s love child. *Sigh* I hope these weeks go by quickly!