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Hammering Out A Blog Post On My iPod Because I’m That Angry!

The Hubby is away on business for 3 weeks (he left Saturday). No big deal right? Lots of spouses travel for work, right? Military spouses are away for long stretches too, right?

But yanno what? Those families don’t have my kids – my kids the SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDERS!

After a whirl wind day of dropping kids off early at daycare, commuting 90 min downtown on a train for a course, commuting back home, feeding kids dinner (McDonald’s – yes studies show kids of working mother’s lead a less healthy lifestyle than their peers with SAHM’s and I totally believe it), going to swimming lessons, then arguing with kids for 90 minutes that it was bed time, I then stayed up a little too late last night fixing up Big List of Giveaways. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I forgot my kids are the SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDERS!

Brooke woke up first at 1:15 because her pull up leaked, and bless her sweet soul, she was whimpering quietly in her bed trying to get back to sleep. I went in, changed her and her bedding and then she rolled over and whimpered back to sleep. Sierra woke up 30 minutes later and went on a hunt for mommy – why she went downstairs first I’ll never know. I heard her on the stairs crying for me, so I brought her into bed with me and she tossed and turned for 45 minutes (or longer at that time of the night/morning who the hell can tell time properly?).

I’m on a course downtown again today.

So 6 am came, I turned off the alarm and embarked on the onerous task of getting everyone dressed, fed, packed and off to their respective daycare, homecare etc… I even got the backyard ready for the pool company so they could close the pool. I made it to the train station with very few minutes to spare (flying by the seat of my pants as usual)… So I really didn’t have time for GO TRANSIT eff-wat ticket agents who don’t know what the hell a return/daypass ticket is! Although the agent charged me the right amount, she gave me a 10 ride ticket and told me I needed to cancel the ticket in the Proof of Payment machine. I said, “That’s funny, I didn’t need to do that yesterday”. I then walked to the machine and cancelled it. She called me back ’cause she realized she gave me the wrong ticket and she wanted me to give her more money!!! WHOA! I never take the train! Just for this one course which is only convenient for the speaker (all of the delegates live near me – we all talked yesterday). I “discussed” the situation with the eff-wat, I mean agent, then ran out for my train which was then pulling out of the station.

The train kept going leaving me screaming and waving on the platform. The next train came 20 minutes later!

Yes! After all the rushing, the cajoling of the kids etc.. to get to my train & course on time the EFF-WAT ticket agent made me late! The kicker? SHE DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE!!!!

As tired as I am from solo parenting my SLEEPLESS EFFING WONDRS, I still made it to the train station on-time!! I am so mad that I hammered out a whole blog post on my iPod to vent! Now that’s mad!

So ummm – how’s your day going? Better I hope!

Nursing – Cool In the Pool?

My best friend emailed this article to me:

“Nursing your baby: Not cool in the pool?”
Uproar is sparked after a mother is asked to stop breastfeeding her 20-month-old in a public swimming pool. ARTICLE

She then sent me the following question to ponder:

What do you think? There are two sides to this story – ORHC and Ministry of Health.

Here’s my opinion:

breastfeeding_friendly_logo4553I agree with the Ontario Human Rights Commission – it’s her right. I’m proud to live in a Province so supportive of a mother’s right to nurse her baby – anywhere and anytime. While I agree that a woman should be allowed to nurse where ever, and that it is within her rights, I would have to agree that she should have just gotten out of the pool itself and nursed on the deck for the safety of the child (I’d be afraid of dropping Brooke, risking her drowning in the pool). I think the real uproar is because she was approached and asked to nurse elsewhere, which violates her rights to nurse anywhere. Yet I wonder if she was looking for a fight when she could have easily gone to somewhere more private to nurse?

The pool owner was in a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t predicament. What isn’t stated in the article was whether the pool owner was responding to the reactions of the other swimmers. She/He may have asked the mother to nurse elsewhere as the owner didn’t want clientele to perceive the pool as “dirty” because nursing was allowed IN the pool. As well, the pool owner may not have been aware of the OHRC stance on nursing. I would also think that the age of the “baby” may have influenced the pool owner’s decision to request that the mother nurse elsewhere as nursing is often offensive to people, particularly when the “baby” is older than what people consider to be acceptable to be still nursing (in this case the baby was 20 months old – almost 2).

Brooke and I are now facing this challenge, as we continue to nurse in public – people that would have walked by paying no attention to us when she was younger, gawk at us because of her size. I used to be quite comfortable nursing discreetly in public, but now that she’s older I almost feel embarrassed and ashamed even though I’m fully aware that the WHO (World Health Organization) advocates nursing PAST 1 yr of age. Also, now that Brooke is 16 months old I find that I need a very comfortable couch to sit in to nurse, so when we were out together last Thursday, and she had refused her cup all day and hadn’t peed in 12 hours, I was more than happy to nurse her on the vacant couch I found in the mall common area. Previously I would search for a quiet bathroom stall when Brooke was at that awkward stage where she wouldn’t allow any blanket over her head while nursing.

As for the Ministry of Health – As a nursing mom, I know that breast milk is not “leaked”, Brooke certainly ensures that by nursing well beyond when the flow of milk has stopped. If breast milk in the pool is truly the issue than ALL lactating moms shouldn’t be allowed to even swim – and how do you monitor that? Do you pinch their nipples to see if any milk comes out?

I, of course, could go on and on about my personal opinions on nursing in public and extended nursing – instead I will turn this over to you, dear readers, what do you think? There are two sides to this story – ORHC and Ministry of Health.

PS: Here are some more articles related to the incident, as the plot thickened when the breastfeeding mother attempted a Nurse-In:
The Toronto Star
Ann Douglas – The Mother of All Parenting Blogs

I Can Blog Now

I’m rewarding myself for resisting the urge to log into the computer and waste endless hours surfing aimlessly. I’m sorry if you missed me. Well, not really sorry to be honest because I actually accomplished some stuff! Yay!

The past few days here in Southern Ontario have been absolutely BEEEEEYOOOOTIFUL! So I took advantage of them. Tuesday at lunch I came home, let the dog out to make an arse of herself chasing squirrels, spent 10 min trying to track down a pair of shorts, then headed out for a 2.4km run. Yes I did it! I finally ran again! And it felt soooooooo good! So good that I ran 3.1 km yesterday at lunch! Only yesterday I got BUSTED! I let the dog out to chase squirrels so that I didn’t have to take her with me. But she saw me through the fence at the side of the house as I walked down the driveway. She then made an arse of herself whining because I didn’t take her. I apologized to her when I got back, and have promised to take her the next time I run.

Early this morning (5am) Brooke woke up. Sierra had a difficult time falling asleep, so Rob was sleeping with her and was on “Sierra duty” leaving me on “Brooke duty”. I went to Brooke and she wanted to nurse. I nursed her and she had fallen back to sleep (so I thought). I went to put her in her crib and she began screaming. I then smelt diarrhea. Sure enough she had the runs. I changed her then she wanted me to read to her. I read some books, then she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me (so cute). i took the message and rocked her back to sleep. I gently placed her in her crib and as I left her room made my escape, she began to throw up. I changed her pj’s and changed her sheets. As changed her sheets I noticed there was also some non-fresh vomit. Sometime between the time I put her to bed, and 5 am, she threw up, but didn’t cry, just rolled over and went back to sleep! She’s so easy going that that doesn’t surprise me that she would do throw up and just go back to sleep. Needless to say I had to take today off of work to stay home with sick wittle Bwookie.

9:30 am Brooke finally fell back to sleep. I totally resisted the urge to log onto my computer. Instead I finally tackled a job I’ve been meaning to do for months and months. I sorted my clothes. I took all of my clothes from the drawers, the closet and my box of prepregnancy clothes that Rob found in the garage and dumped them into one huge pile in the bedroom:

Then I sorted them. Maternity clothes in one dresser, clothes that I can still fit in into another, and running clothes into a drawer of their own. I filled a box with clothes that are ripped, stained, stretched out o shape etc, and have a small bag of clothes to donate. This is what my room looks like now:

My next job will be to tackle the enormous amount of baby clothes and kids clothes that Sierra and Brooke have grown out of. Sort out what I can donate, throw out, and keep to pass down to Brooke. The work I did in my room only took an hour – so if I can get someone to entertain the girls for two hours, I’m sure I can complete the kids clothes job.

Wow! I feel so accomplished that now I feel like celebrating. Anyone want to come over and have a beer with me?