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Getting Up Early & Other Random Updates

I’ve finally succumbed to the fact that the ONLY way a busy mom of THREE can find time to workout is to get up early. Like at the butt crack of dawn early.


I joined a gym.  I finally bit the bullet and joined GoodLife Fitness (a major fitness chain in Canada).


But that’s ok – because I’m not working out ALONE at the butt crack of dawn.  No sirree!  My friend Karen?  She gets to hear me ramble on and on about the life of a stay at home mom at SIX AM three times a week!

~Blah, blah, blah~

Before you feel sorry for her, keep in mind this is a mutually beneficial arrangement – she has ME to motivate her and help her get fit.  And I?  I have a captive audience – I talk a lot!


So yeah – that’s about all I have to say – Karen & I are getting fit at 6 am… now please pass me another coffee!

Perhaps I AM Perfect?

Is she really perfect?Back when Sierra was a baby I stressed out a lot about being the perfect mom. I had a pre-conceived notion of what a perfect mom was and when things didn’t go perfectly it stressed me out – to the point of anxiety and sleeplessness.

Now that Sierra is 5.5, Brooke is 3.5 and Amber is 3 mos, I’ve begun to lose that idea of what’s perfect. I’ve come to the realization that my job is to keep the kids ALIVE and not be the Martha Stewart of parenting. Some of that has come from disengaging myself from friends who made me feel like a bad parent because oh-my-goodness I allow my kids to eat sugar cereal occasionally, and drink fruit juice without watering it down etc… Those kinds of discussions made me feel less secure and happy, and I’ve decided I don’t need it or the stress of it all, so I took some time and backed away from them. I now have the parenting confidence to realise we all have our different ways of raising our families.

Being a perfect mom is about doing what’s comfortable for you & your family. Maybe that means co-sleeping, maybe that means allowing baby to cry it out. Maybe it means letting your kids watch TV, maybe it means spending the entire day teaching your children about the world we live in. Who knows.

I’m perfect now. We’re all happy, clothed and fed. Maybe I don’t do it the way other people do it, but I’m ok with that, and I think thats what’s most important.

I Could Get Used to This…

Last week Friday was my last day of work… I’m now on Maternity Leave for 1 whole year!  (Being Canadian is AWESOME!).

Truthfully my last leave wasn’t all that fun – a terrible two year old, a baby who would only sleep in two hour spurts at night and a hubby who was either travelling or severely jet-lagged wasn’t what I had anticipated… But I lived through it.

While this time I’ll have 3 kids to care for, the girls will be 3 and 5, and play very, very well together.  They’re each other’s best friends AND they BOTH sleep through the night! Hubby doesn’t *think* he’ll be travelling as much, though only time will tell.

This first week home has been AMAZING!  I’ve had so much fun with the girls already, and it’s great that they’re older – they can do more things with me AND they can do more without me.  We can do more advanced arts & crafts, and they play well with friends at playdates.  The girls enjoy helping me cook and bake and they even enjoy helping me out at the grocery store (as long as we’re only getting a few things).

Monday: I had a midwife appointment, so I brought the girls – they played nicely together & enjoyed hearing baby’s heartbeat (it sounds like a train mom!), then we went to Toys R Us, McDonald’s & Chapters
Tuesday: Sierra had school and Brooke went to daycare – I spent the day visiting friends I hadn`t seen in a while
Wednesday: Took the girls to the park, had a nice lunch with them, they helped me clean up for a friend who brought her two kids over for a playdate – they played very well together & required very little supervision
Thursday:Sierra had school and Brooke went to daycare – Sierra`s class had a Halloween Parade, so Brooke and I stayed for that, then I dropped Brooke off afterwards, and I then spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping (took me 2 hours to waddle around the store to buy a week`s worth of groceries).
Friday/Today: Gonna take the gilrs shopping for some household things we need (ie: “big girl cups” because I’m tossing all of the sippy’s), we’ll bake some cookies, go to the park and fly kites, then cook dinner together

Truthfully – if every week is as enjoyable as this week has been, then I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to work!