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I Can Blog Now

I’m rewarding myself for resisting the urge to log into the computer and waste endless hours surfing aimlessly. I’m sorry if you missed me. Well, not really sorry to be honest because I actually accomplished some stuff! Yay!

The past few days here in Southern Ontario have been absolutely BEEEEEYOOOOTIFUL! So I took advantage of them. Tuesday at lunch I came home, let the dog out to make an arse of herself chasing squirrels, spent 10 min trying to track down a pair of shorts, then headed out for a 2.4km run. Yes I did it! I finally ran again! And it felt soooooooo good! So good that I ran 3.1 km yesterday at lunch! Only yesterday I got BUSTED! I let the dog out to chase squirrels so that I didn’t have to take her with me. But she saw me through the fence at the side of the house as I walked down the driveway. She then made an arse of herself whining because I didn’t take her. I apologized to her when I got back, and have promised to take her the next time I run.

Early this morning (5am) Brooke woke up. Sierra had a difficult time falling asleep, so Rob was sleeping with her and was on “Sierra duty” leaving me on “Brooke duty”. I went to Brooke and she wanted to nurse. I nursed her and she had fallen back to sleep (so I thought). I went to put her in her crib and she began screaming. I then smelt diarrhea. Sure enough she had the runs. I changed her then she wanted me to read to her. I read some books, then she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me (so cute). i took the message and rocked her back to sleep. I gently placed her in her crib and as I left her room made my escape, she began to throw up. I changed her pj’s and changed her sheets. As changed her sheets I noticed there was also some non-fresh vomit. Sometime between the time I put her to bed, and 5 am, she threw up, but didn’t cry, just rolled over and went back to sleep! She’s so easy going that that doesn’t surprise me that she would do throw up and just go back to sleep. Needless to say I had to take today off of work to stay home with sick wittle Bwookie.

9:30 am Brooke finally fell back to sleep. I totally resisted the urge to log onto my computer. Instead I finally tackled a job I’ve been meaning to do for months and months. I sorted my clothes. I took all of my clothes from the drawers, the closet and my box of prepregnancy clothes that Rob found in the garage and dumped them into one huge pile in the bedroom:

Then I sorted them. Maternity clothes in one dresser, clothes that I can still fit in into another, and running clothes into a drawer of their own. I filled a box with clothes that are ripped, stained, stretched out o shape etc, and have a small bag of clothes to donate. This is what my room looks like now:

My next job will be to tackle the enormous amount of baby clothes and kids clothes that Sierra and Brooke have grown out of. Sort out what I can donate, throw out, and keep to pass down to Brooke. The work I did in my room only took an hour – so if I can get someone to entertain the girls for two hours, I’m sure I can complete the kids clothes job.

Wow! I feel so accomplished that now I feel like celebrating. Anyone want to come over and have a beer with me?

An Update of Sorts

I’ve been a horrible blogger lately haven’t I?  I’ve started off on topics and never provided an update…  Things like: weaning, Brooke’s first day of daycare, my trip to Ottawa etc….  So here’s where I update you on my life – sorry for the point form:

  • Daycare – Brooke’s 1st day went well.  She cried alot, but she ate well, and drank 2oz of Homo milk from a sippy cup 3 times through the day, and 2 oz of juice.
  • I haven’t been able to replicate what she did at daycare.
  • Weaning – not going well, Brooke only wants to nurse at home.
  • Not sure if I’m upset about the lack of weaning or not.
  • Why did I need to send her to daycare?  I still can’t say – still waiting for news about that.
  • Took advantage of the child-free day – bought 4 outfits (keeping all the tips I’ve gained from watching far too much of "What Not To Wear" in mind – even bought red shoes and a matching red purse).
  • Also got my hair done – hi-lights and low-lights, and a fresh new cut – added some layers to my bob.  I kind of look like a Blonde Rhianna now:

  • Today is my last weekday of my mternity leave – I’m taking the kiddos to Wasaga Beach with a few friends and their young-uns for a day of sun, sand and fun.

That’s about it – gotta go now and feed the kiddos breakfast, pack up my gas guzzling SUV (thinking about replacing it with  aDiesel 2009 VW Jetta TDI), and head of to the beach.

I’m Sorry Little Brookie

I’m saying this ahead of time ’cause I know that my wee little daughter is about to have the worst day of her wee little life tomorrow.  You see I have something important to do tomorrow afternoon before I go back to work (I won’t tell you what it is just yet – that’s for another post later this week).  Hubby was supposed to take the afternoon off of work to spend with our youngest off-spring while our preschooler is at daycare, but alas, a very important meeting got scheduled and he can’t take the afternoon off.  Stuck with no childcare for Brooke, I approached her future daycare to see if she could go there for 2 hours in the afternoon.  They said sure, there’s space,  but there’s a catch, we don’t do 1/2 days, she has to come the full day.  A FULL day?  You mean ALL day?  ALL day away from mommy?  Oh boy! 

You see almost 1 yr old Brooke is still nursing.  AND she and I have NEVER spent a day apart.  Her separation anxiety from me lately has hit new levels, so there’s no way, no effing way that tomorrow is going to go well for Brooke.  I’ve tried weaning her, offering sippy cups all day, distracting her, putting her down for naps by only rocking her, offering her more food etc…  But Brooke?  She has no interest in weaning.  And me?  I have no interest in completely weaning for a while as well.  I totally don’t mind nursing before and after work and through the night.  However – we haven’t quite gotten that far yet, so I know Brooke is going to spend the majority of tomorrow sad and crying. 

You know what?  It breaks my heart to know that I will be inflicting that much sadness on my little girl.  Every time I close my eyes I picture her sad and crying with snot running out of her nose and tears streaming down her tiny face.  My stomach is in a knot just thinking about tomorrow.  So I’ll say it now – I’m sorry Brookie, Mommy doesn’t mean to make you sad.  You’ll slowly learn to love and trust your caregivers at daycare, you’ll slowly learn to like your sippy cup, and you’ll slowly learn to enjoy playing with your new friends and toys at daycare.  I wish I could be there with you tomorrow and from Monday onwards too – but I can’t.  It’s time for me to go back to work.  I’m sorry little Brookie, mommy loves you, please remember that.