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Hurray For Molly Maid!

mollymaid02 Molly Maid is coming tomorrow to clean, clean, clean my house!  Yippee!  I finally cracked and said ok to a cleaning service – after tomorrow’s initial clean, they’ll be coming every other week!  Hubby has been saying we should get one for about 5 yrs, but I was always hesitant, to me it always seemed like a HUGE waste of ALOT of money.  Afterall, I can clean my house myself.  So why doesn’t he just pay me instead?  However, all that changed when I realized how much harder keeping up with two kids is than one.  That, and we moved into this much bigger house last year…  Let’s just say the dust bunnies are now dust elephants!  I go back to work in 3.5 weeks (sniff, sniff) and I don’t want to spend all of my free time cleaning, as I know I’ll be spending enough of it doing just the daily stuff like dishes, and laundry.  I’m really looking forward to coming home tomorrow afternoon to a super clean house (and yes, this means I spent an hour this evening stuffing all of my loose clutter into boxes and hiding them in closets never to be seen again until the closet is too full to put more stuff in….).

So why Molly Maid?  A friend suggested a husband wife team she has clean her house.  Truthfully that scares me for so many reasons.  First off, if I’m paying them to come into my house and clean, then I’m technically their employer, on the hook for any workplace injuries they encounter.  Secondly, I’ve heard horror stories of cleaners wanting $$ upfront, then the home owner coming home to not only no cleaning, but all of their stuff stolen – yikes!  So I thought I’d go with a reputable company.  We’ll see how well they do tomorrow.  I promise to blog and let you know if they hit every nook and cranny or not.  Has anyone ever used a cleaning service?  Did you like it?  Do you have any tips on how to maintain a decluttered house?

Take A Dip With Diaper Fit

float After blogging about missing my mom and baby water aerobics class for the past three weeks thanks to Brooke’s napping, I finally made it to class again!  Yay!  I worked really hard to keep her awake this morning so we could go, though I almost had to drive back home when she began to nod off in the car when I pulled into the Lesisure Centre’s parking lot.  I called out: "Brooke.. Keep you eyes open!", literally scaring her awake – the poor little thing.  We had a great last class and she fell asleep in the car 2 min after I pulled out of the parking lot.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz – she’s sleeping now, so I’m going to take advantage of the quiet time by taking a nap myself – have a great day everyone!

Don’t You Wish Every Company’s Customer Service Was This Great?

My little brother gave Sierra Beara this for her birthday:

Little Tikes Auto Pitch Batting Trainer

A Great gift for my little girl who is dying to play softball just like mommy!  Only we encountered one problem.  This is what was in the box:

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

Yeah – big freaking difference!  AND according to the Little Tikes website, the products have a price difference of: $5 (ok – not that much of a difference).  Anyways… I called up the 1-800 # on the box just to let them know.  They took down my name, address, etc… And have promised to send us the correct product!  No need to return the erroneous one!  I was very, very impressed with Little Tikes!  I just wish that every company’s customer service was that great, courteous, and polite to their consumers.