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Send In The Clowns!

I’m slowly going certifiably NUTS one sleepless night at a time.  I seriously don’t know what to do.  I need help but don’t know how to get it.  After putting Baby Brooke to sleep at 8:15 pm, she woke up at….. wait for it….. drumroll please….




11:30 (gave her Advil and her anti-biotic)

2:15 (Big sister Sierra woke her up screaming: "Not you Mommy!  I want Daddy!" over and over and over again – took an hour to get Sierra back to sleep).


6:25 (up for the day)


I’m typing this when she should be sleeping, and I should be either:

a) Sleeping

b) Shovelling the 20 cm of snow off of our massive 7 car driveway (and that isn’t an exaggeration) we got WALLOPED with last night.


I REALLY REALLY hope that I can get the truck down the driveway and off of the street so that Sierra can go to daycare today.  I also REALLY REALLY hope that Baby Brooke DOES NOT fall asleep in the car on the way to and from said daycare, otherwise there will be no napping for mommy today, and I’ll have to stumble me way through another day and sleepless night tonight. 


I need HELP!!!!  Every time Daddy Rob goes away on a business trip it gets worse and worse.  Trip to Ireland #1 was spent in Ottawa alone at my in-laws with Sierra having gastroenteritis.  Trip to Ireland #2 was spent here at home, but I was still terribly lonely and sleep-deprived.  But this, this trip #3 to Ireland has been the icing on the cake with Baby Brooke’s now week long crusade of not sleeping for longer than 2 hours!  Oh and by the way, she’s still nursing every 2 hours during the day too.  So not only am I exhausted, my titties really freaking hurt!


Man, I Feel Like a Runner!

First off, go on and read my latest article on the Complete Running Network.  (I know, shameless plug :smile:, but I promise it’s a good one and well worth the read even if you’re not a runner).


Got out for a run on Wednesday night.  For those of you in the North Eastern US and Eastern Canada you’ll remember that we got WALLOPED by one heck of a winter storm on Wednesday.  The snow was mid to upper shin high (not sure what that amounts to in inches or centimetres, but really who the hell cares?).  It was A LOT of freaking snow.  It was the kind of snow that made it feel like I was running through sand, only not nearly as warm.  I must admit I daydreamed about running on a sandy beach throughout the run.  Sigh – that would be so fun right about now. 


My neighbour and I did our usual route but are now up to running 2.5 minutes and doing a 30 second recovery walk.  Next we’ll begin a 3 minute run with a short recovery walk, then progress/jump to doing a 5 minute run with a short recovery walk.  Here’s the graphical representation of our run for all you visual folk:



We’re on par for doing the Frosty 5K that I ran in 2006 and in 2005 the first weekend of March.  I *hope* to bring both of my babies in the jogging stroller for that race.  What’s next?  I dunno.  Maybe the Dupont Spring Run-Off 8 K in High Park in April followed by the 10K race at the Mississauga Marathon in May?  Is it possible that I could do a 1/2 marathon next fall?  Or am I getting way too ahead of myself?   Either way, it feels completely awesome to be running again!


A Little Of This, A Little Of That

I’ll apologize now ’cause this post will be all over the place – but that’s just how my mind is these days – all over the place.


So I’ve written A LOT about how I feel regarding Sierra’s daycare, but I haven’t written much about Sierra.  Well lets just say she loves her new "school".  On Monday she cried when I picked her up and didn’t want to go home (a great sign considering it was her first day).  She was so very, very happy and sunny at home (maybe she’s been feeling "grey" too?).  In fact, she was even singing a new song!  At dinner she stayed at the table for her meal – a great feat for her because there are nights that I’ve literally inspected her chair to make sure there weren’t any bugs biting her to make her jump around the way she does.   After dinner she brought her plate to the sink.  I think daycare kept the real Sierra and sent home a clone (though I’m not going to tell them they sent the wrong one home with me).  Yesterday she ASKED to go for a nap, and napped for a good two hours (I went in and woke her up ’cause they only get 2 hour naps at "school").  It looks like this school thing is a win-win situation, as I was MUCH better mommy yesterday, and the TV stayed off the whole day.


Brookie….  Brookie is MUCHO sick.  After her week long bout with the runs last week, she picked up a NASTY cough.  It started on Saturday and I’ll bet a $100 bucks that she picked it up from the snotty nosed 11 month old that couldn’t keep his dirty germ infested paws off of her toys at Chapters Bookstore on Thursday. 

NOTE TO ALL MOMS:  If your kids are sick, keep them home!  You could infect a small little baby with no immune resistance!


Seriously!  WTF was that mom thinking?  (Can you tell that I’m a bit bitter?).  I hope that kid gets Brooke’s diarrhea! 


If Brooke is awake she’s crying.  Totally not like her at all, as she NEVER cries.  Getting her to sleep is an hour long fight, and she hasn’t been staying asleep for very long.  The night before last I got 4 hours sleep, in two 2 hour blocks.  Last night was better.  I got her to stay asleep at 1 am, she slept on my chest until 4 am, nursed, went back to sleep until 6, I nursed her again, she slept until 7:45, I nursed her again.  While I got Sierra ready for school, Brookie screamed her head off.  She screamed the whole drive over, but fell asleep on the way to the walk-in clinic.  The Dr at the walk-in took one look at her and asked if she had been a preemie.  Nope.  Just incredibly freaking small and slow to gain weight (just like her mommy was as a baby, so I’m not worried).  At 7 months (tomorrow!) she weighs a whopping 14 lbs.  Anyways, after listening to her chest he confirmed what I already knew, her lungs have fluid in them.  He gave her a prescription for amoxicillian and once she wakes up (darn if she didn’t fall asleep on the way home!) I’ll get her started on getting better. 


Now about me…  I’m feeling better, but still a bit foggy and grey (maybe it’s lack of sleep?).  It’s so nice to catch a break from Sierra twice a week.  Right now I’ve decided to turn off the world while Brooke naps and write this incredibly long-for-me post.  My house is a mess, but it no longer stresses me out ’cause I can see a light at the end of the tunnel – I know I can get caught up on Monday and Wednesdays.  The new fallen snow outside is beeeeeyoootiful and I wish I knew how to operate hubby’s snowblower ’cause it would be rather fun to clear the driveway.  And why aren’t I shovelling it instead?  ‘Cause in our infinite wisdom last Spring, we moved into a house with a driveway that literally fits 7 cars on it. 


So yep, that’s about all I have… for now.  How’re you?


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