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This Video REALLY Makes Me Want to Do a Triathlon

Recently, I joined the Ontario Women’s Triathlon’s organizing committee, and one of my immediate challenges as part of their social media team is to help convince women that they CAN do a triathlon – that it’s not scary etc. So as I was surfing around the internet looking for articles to share with our community, I came across this video that was put together by another woman’s triathlon in Australia.

Have a look:

This video literally brought tears to my eyes, and made me think:

“YEAH!!! I REALLY want to do a triathlon!”

What about you? After seeing that, would you ever want to do a triathlon?

Hooray! A New NKOTB Album!

Yay! The clouds may be grey and possibly even raining outside, but I’m in a good mood because look what album was released yesterday:

I am one SUPER DUPER happy camper!!  I’ve been dancing and cleaning the house all day listening to this fantastic album!

What?!  You don’t have it yet?  It’s incredible – what’s better than NKOTB AND BSB?  NKOTBSB!!!  What are you waiting for?

Go get it NOW!!