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My Teen Aged Girl Fantasy

Yesterday I provided you with a small snippet of my ultimate Teen-Aged Girl Fantasy (I wonder how many hits I’m going to get with that phrase?).  So I thought I‘d expand.

When I was 14 yrs old, I feel in love with this beautiful boy:

He’s now grown to be this man:

What?  You don’t know who that is?  Shame on you – that’s Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block (NKOTB). (Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous?  He’s like a fine wine – he’s definitely gotten better with age).  Most of my friends liked Donnie, Jordan or Joey.  But not I.  I’ve always been different.  Well, ok not always – I did go through a very, very brief Jordan phase, and still have an air-brushed tank top I had made at  Canada’s Wonderland in August of 1989 that says: “I Love Jordan”.  My parents still have it in my “special” box in their basement.  Any Jordan girls out there?  You can have the tank top.  ‘Cause I LOVE Jon!

In Highschool, my walls were plastered with pics of Jonathan.

My ultimate fantasy was that Jonathan would have a chance meeting with me, fall in love with me, then spend months trying to find me.  Pining away for me the whole time.  Until one day he found me, and picked me up in a Limo at my highschool.  It was going to be after a field hockey game – I was going to run off the field in my field hockey uniform all hot and sweaty – looking absolutely smashing:

He would sweep me up in his arms, swing me around, nestle his face in my hair, and whisper: “I’ve finally found you, my love” in my ear.  Then we would take off in his Limo, to the airport and fly away in a private jet to our smallish, yet wonderful beach house on a private island. We were going to live happily ever after in the caribbean, tending animals and growing vegetables in a small garden while raising a houseful of sons.  (I’ve always wanted a son).

That was my “My Teen Aged Girl Fantasy”.  So far only part of it has come true:


(Have you gotten sick of seeing this pic, yet?)

I keep daydreaming the rest will come true.

But in a way it has.  I have a beautiful house with a pool (it feels like our own island), a husband who absolutely adores me, an rottweiler, a small vegetable garden, and a houseful of daughters.  Nothing can be better than this.

Facetime with Donnie Wahlberg

See this here:


That is my big ol’ Snoopy Happy Dance! 

‘Cause guess what? 


This time I got to shake Donnie Wahlberg’s hand!  That’s right – I met the D-man!  Good ol’ Tony Spinelli in the flesh!


We arrived in London early for the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) concert ’cause we wanted to catch a bite before the show.  As we were heading down the street we spot a ton of girls hanging over barricades and screaming!  “They’re here!  Get outta the car!” Tracy shouted.  Tracy stopped the traffic and I ran across the road to the barricades.  Not one for crowds I take up a spot at the end, right on the barricade. Just as I get myself in postion DW comes off his tour bus and comes straight to me – “Hey Donnie, how’s it going?  It’s momontherun*” I shouted over the screaming girls while I shook his hand.


Then he proceeded to greet all of the other screaming fans too – my moment was brief, but alas:


Here’s a few pics I took of him outside of the John Labatt Centre:



(Nice butt!)


(Hamming it up for the ladies!)


(Tour bus)


Barret (Joe McIntyre’s wife) taking Griffin (Joe’s son) and their dog (Jon’s dog?) for a walk.


(Tracy and I at the concert)


(The “Kids” wearing Team Canada jersey’s)

The night was  a blur of excitement after that – I felt like I was totally 14 again!  We hung out after the show and caught a glimpse of Jordan and Danny leaving the JLC, but then we left ’cause we were freaking cold! 

With two concerts down and 2 new Kids met, I think it’ll take me 3 more concerts to meet the rest of them.  I’m totally ok with this, ’cause guess what?  They just announced their FULL SERVICE Tour and I’ll be there at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto on June 21st!

*momontherun is my handle on the NKOTB community site too.