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David Beckham’s Love Child

Kick, kick, kick…. Poke, poke, poke…. Squirm….

This baby does not ever stop moving! I swear that David Beckham was a very busy guy last February because based on how much this baby kicks I’m having his love child!

Actually, in all seriousness, I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where the novelty of being the giver of life has completely worn off and I’m ready for this baby to come out of me, even if it is David’s love child. I’ve had the cute kicks, and have watched weird lumps under my skin roll around. I’m now looking forward to being able to take a deep breath, sleep (as broken up as it will be) on my stomach, walk without my back hurting, and be able to wipe myself without worrying that either my water just broke or bending over just squeezed more pee out of me.

The baby daddy?
I’m tired.. ALL THE TIME! My nausea disappeared several months ago, so from that perspective I feel a 100 times better – but I know that once the baby is born (and I’ve fully recovered) that my body will feel even more better.

But alas – I have several weeks left to go, maybe even as many as 7 (though I’ve never made it to 40 weeks). Yes 7 long hard weeks to go until we get to meet David Beckham’s love child. *Sigh* I hope these weeks go by quickly!

I Need A Little Help from My Friends

Hey everyone!

I have to apologize – this blog post is a little different from my usual informative, motivational post…

A few weeks ago, my personal trainer approached me about  His opinion was that overall it’s great, but there’s one problem – I’m not generating any revenue for the amount of time I obviously put into it.  Now at first I was like, who cares?  I don’t really want to make money – I just want to motivate people and see them do well.  Which is a fine and admirable goal, right?  

But of course his comments nagged at me for a few weeks – he suggested I sell a product.  I thought long and hard about this, and brainstormed what I could possibly sell.  A motivational eBook?  A pre-natal fitness eBook?  Sorry – I couldn’t see myself spending money on those, so why would anyone else? I don’t want to charge people to visit my site – that’s a quick turn-off in my opinion. (Though I could use eBooks as a way to get people to sign up for my newsletter….).  Then I got to thinking about my power walks…..

You see, now that running has become tougher for this preggo mama I’ve begun doing a walk around the park on my lunch hours with hand weights.  But I don’t just carry the weights – I do an upper body strength routine while I carry the weights.  I need to keep my arms in shape for carrying my baby :)  I also alternate some fast and slow walking – adding intervals for additional fat burning.  It’s a fantastic workout and keeps my walks fun.  So I thought – maybe people would be interested in downloading a walk and tone mp3?  You know, an mp3 that you could download (for a small fee) from my site that will guide you through a great walking workout (set to some fabulous music of course)!  So I’ve begun the process of recording such an mp3, and building a sales section and affiliate section for my site.  As an added bonus, I will throw in a free eBook with every mp3 purchased :)

My product idea is great right? But now I need some help actually marketing my mp3 – oh isn’t marketing always the fun part?

And this is where you come in…

Below is a sign up form to be notified of when my walk and tone mp3 product is launched. If you sign-up, I’ll send you the download info for a free trial of it (once I’ve finished recording it) so that you can do a review of it on your site – if you like it, perhaps you’ll do a giveaway? I’ll even provide a coupon code for your readers. And because I’m a blogger and I hate doing stuff for free without getting anything in return, I will set up anyone who does a review as an affiliate so that you’ll earn 25% of any sales you generate! Pretty sweet, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below so we can BOTH start earning some money!

Yes! I want to be notified when you launch your mp3:
* indicates required

Thanks everyone for your support on this project :)

All the best,

Are You Smarter Than a 5 Year Old?

iPod Folders
Apparently I’m not.

A few weeks ago I spent about 2 hours upgrading the operating system on my iPod Touch to iOS4. Afterwards the only difference I found was that I now had a new email box called “All Inboxes” that put all of the emails from all of my email accounts into one stream – AWESOME! But hardly worth the two hours I spent upgrading, not to mention that suddenly all of my apps were rearranged.
This morning, 5 year old Sierra was playing with my iPod and comes running to me, “Look mommy! I can put my games into folders!”. While I knew folders was a feature of the iPhone 4, I had tried to get my iPod to do it with no luck. While I’m pretty impressed with her, now I’m worried – what other tech things is she going to figure her way around?

BTW – If you’re trying to figure out how to do that with your iPhone or iPod all you need to do is hold your finger on an app icon until it starts “wiggling” then drag it on top of another app icon. The two apps will then be placed in a folder that you can rename.