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I Finally Found The Solution to the Happy Meal Toy

Annoying Happy Meal Toys
Everytime I’m in a rush to get the kids fed and happy before we have an evening engagement I bring them to McDonald’s. While I know eating that crap doesn’t exactly count as eating, but it does provide something to fill their tummies when I’m in a hurry so that they aren’t whiny and bugging the hell out of me. My biggest complaint about the place is the stupid happy meal toy that they charge you extra for. That bloody toy causes us the most grief! Either they can’t figure out the toy, or they didn’t get the one they wanted. Which bring me to the question: Why on earth do they show all the toys, even the ones that aren’t available?

I’ve finally come to a solution – a much cheapter solution too!

I now buy a 10 pack McNuggets meal, upsize the fries and bring our own juice or milk (my kids always spill the ones McDonald’s provides). We no longer get, or fight over the toy. Now the girls and I share the meal, and if everyone ate their 3 nuggets and fries we can get a dessert. Woot! Problem solved!

An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

Please stop SPAMMING ME! I absolutely cannot stand when you send out MASS invites to events that are not even remotely interesting to me! Like seriously – invites to dance clubs etc? When the hell was the last time I stayed up past 10? Free cover before 10? I should hope so, because I’m leaving at 10, I need my beauty sleep after all. $2 drinks? Dudes – I’m pregnant and can’t drink! That’s just downright mean! Poker nights… Seriously?

Oh and then there’s the “suggestions”… So-and-so has become a fan of < > and has suggested you become a fan too… So-and-so has added the application < > and has suggested you add it too… Yo folks – if you have enough free time on your hands to be adding these ridiculous applications, games etc… then you definitely have enough free time on your hands to vet out your friend lists and decide who to invite!

With regards to Farmville wall posts etc… Can I ask why? Why do you play these games? Why do you even want to advertise to your entire friend lists that you waste your time playing these games? You do know that potential employers (and current employers) review Facebook right? Do you know that they also see that you waste your time, whether personal free time or not, on Facebook playing these games?

Oh don’t get me wrong – I’m not against Facebook – it’s a very useful tool and has really helped me to stay in touch with you. I really like that even if you change your email address, phone number or move etc.. I can still contact you through there and you’ll notice that I prefer to send you a personal message on there or to live chat. Though wall-to-wall posts IMO are far too public and I really don’t need my employer or co-workers knowing that you and I are planning on getting shit-faced together ok? So please use some discretion. That said, I love seeing pics of you and your kids as they grow up, so please don’t stop posting them J .

Friends, when using Facebook take a moment to consider how you’re portraying yourself and what you really want to get out of it, ok?



Random Thoughts from My Workday

In case you’ve been mislead into thinking I’ve been busy by my lack of posting here, I thought I would share with you some random thoughts I had today while at work:

9:10 am – Man I’m hungry! I wonder if my manager would mind if I took my lunch break now?
10:44 am – Am I the only mother with a pair of her two year old’s clean underwear and spare pants in her purse?
12:04 pm – Crap! It’s lunch time and I ate all of my food three hours ago L
1:37 pm – Is it possible to sleep sitting up staring at a computer screen? How do I prevent my screen saver from coming on?
2:14 pm – I wonder when Microsoft will change the save icon from the floppy disk? Isn’t the floppy disk image rather old? I bet my 5 year old daughter has no freaking clue what that is a picture of! I wonder what they’ll replace it with? A picture of a hard drive? A USB key? Hmmmmm….
3:30 pm – Damn! I’m REALLY hungry – why couldn’t it be someone’s birthday today? I could REALLY use some cake….
4:30 pm – Yay! Time to go home! Woot!