Coffee and a Muffin

artwork_images_181897_414235_gracemehan-devito When I was a pre-teen and into my teens, my mother worked at a bank on Saturday mornings and my brother went to a drama class.  This left my dad and I alone.  Now most normal dads would spend Saturday mornings puttering or watching sports re-runs, while most normal pre-teens would spend Saturday morning on the phone or watching “Saved By The Bell”.

But not us.

My dad and I shared a common bond – we both have ants in our pants and can’t stand to be cooped up in a house. 

We spent those Saturday mornings at the mall (Scarborough Town Centre) together having a French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee from Mmmmmmmmarvelous Muffins and sharing a muffin.  We had a weekly date. Sometimes we’d sit in silence watching shoppers bustle by with their bags of goodies, and other times we talked about sports, or school, or even boys. 

I miss those days.

Tonight I had night school, and since hubby is away my dad babysat my girls for me.  When I arrived home the house was mostly silent, with the exception of a male voice and high-pitched girl voice.  I stood at the bottom of the stairs for a moment and listened in as best as I could. 

My dad was having an intense conversation with Sierra – just the way he did with me when I was a little girl.  It brought tears of happiness to my eyes, and the guilt of leaving my girls with a sitter while I was at school melted away.

I miss those Saturday mornings with my dad, I miss my coffee and a muffin.  I hope that one day my dad will also take my girls out on Saturday morning dates. 

I love you dad, thank you for babysitting tonight!

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9 thoughts on “Coffee and a Muffin

  1. Just thought I would leave a comment and say hello, this is the first time I have visited here. Nice blog, you have another subscriber, have a wonderful day.

  2. This post must really make him feel like a million bucks, you’re right Mom. Sometimes we forget to thank the ones we love & this reminded me of that problem we have. Watching TV is really a waste of time, I like how your dad & you focused on doing something else.. instead of watching “saved by the bell.” Much value was added to your life. I think all moms should know this… TV is really a waste of time, so much better things can be done.

  3. hi Janice,
    Wow. Another great heartwarming post. Your dad rocks. It’s neat that he’s bonding with his grandkids just the same.
    BTW, when did you start drinking coffee? In you pre-teens? I didn’t get hooked on the devil’s brew :) until I was in my 20’s. ~ steve, the coffee-guzzling trade show guru

    trade show gurus last blog post..My Kids Are Smart… cockle shells

  4. Yanno … you can still go out for coffee and a muffin with your dad. Only difference is now you could buy it for him. Great story … thanks for sharing!

  5. That sounds so nice. Having never had a father, and a mother who never spent any time with me at all, I can only imagine the bonding that was going on.

    jafers last blog post..Body of Lies

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