Core Rhythms Giveaway

We all know that losing weight is neither fun nor easy, right?

Well guess what?  You’re wrong!

Losing weight (and inches) can be fun…. and easy!  A month ago I was sent the Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program to review and giveaway – Sierra, Brooke and I had an absolute blast doing the workout together (ok, truthfully I was working out and they were dancing to the music).  I’ve been doing the workouts a few times a week ever since and now my core feels stronger when I run and I’m starting to see more tone in my mid section – YAY!

Here’s a brief sample of one of the videos:


Now you can get fit and have fun too!

retail_starterpack-copy I’m giving away a starter set of the Core Rhythms DVD’s. It’s a 4-DVD set featuring Jaana Kunitz and Julia Powers. There’s a Kick Start DVD, a Quick Workout, a Full Workout, and a DVD called “Latin Dance Made Easy.”The best part about these DVD’s? They are fun! I’m learning dance moves…mambo, jive, samba…and seriously, a workout feels like a night of dancing with my friends!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below telling me why you want to strengthen your core.

Extra Entries:

125BLOGButton Visit my awesome new giveaway listing site: and sign up for our newsletter of giveaways.  On the newsletter sign up form, choose “Mom On The Run” from the drop down choices of where you heard about the site.  Don’t worry about coming back here to tell me that you did that as I’m able to review that myself.

Contest Ends May 9th, and a winner will be announced May 10, 2009

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68 thoughts on “Core Rhythms Giveaway

  1. My baby is almost 2 and I am so out of shape. I would love this to work on while the kiddo is napping!

  2. I signed up for your Blog Giveaway newsletter and was not given the choice of Mom On The Run in the drop down box. It simply is not listed as a choice option.

    Extra entry 1

  3. I want to strengthen my core, because ever since I had my daughter my middle is a mess. It’s effecting my back and causing me a ton of pain. I’ve always wanted to try this.

  4. I need to strengthen my core because if it was any weaker I’d flop over like limp celery.

  5. I work hunched over everyday. I need to work on my core so that I can work without so much back pain! This set sounds perfect for me. Thanks!

  6. ahhh, sounds like fun & we could use some fun! Yes, we’re being blessed soon with a little miracle. My daughter is having her firstborn. She’s been quite sickly for most of the pregnancy & just as she began feeling a lot better she’s experiencing a bit of painful edema & being petite; difficulty w/ breathing. She’s been really positive, happy and making wonderful choices. I never ate ice cream with my two & she’s has me eating w/ her! We both need to boogie into shape & I need a head start because I am not losing any with the birth & I don’t have youth on my side!!! I’m not old yet, though! Thanks for excitment of if!

  7. I would love to strengthen my core to help with some back pain I have. The workouts actually sound fun, which is really great! Thanks for the giveaway!

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